Professor Conferences

Professor Conferences

Your very devoted professor will meet you any time and any place you deem convenient to help you with your academic writing, but if you don’t suggest an exotic location and time, the default will be James 2110 following class.

This semester I’m on campus MTWR 8:00—9:15 only; however, I’m delighted to linger for conferences even if they have to be scheduled hours after class adjourns. Don’t hesitate to schedule yourself for a day your class doesn’t meet, or for a time that doesn’t immediately follow your class meeting. I do have afternoon and evening classes to teach in Philadelphia, so not every time is available, but otherwise I’m very accommodating and committed to meetings as an essential part of your instruction.

You’re obligated to meet with me once before the midterm break and once after, so think ahead and schedule some painless interference early to avoid conflicts with the other 40 or so students with similar obligations.

Professor Conferences Google Doc Link

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