Practice Op-Ed—smellycat

Facial recognition software does not have the right to categorize humans based on their appearance. Not only are humans at fault for mislabeling other’s race and sexual orientation, but now computers are doing it too. Additionally, “AI algorithms will soon be able to measure the intelligence, political orientation, and criminal inclinations of people from their facial images alone” according to Michal Kosinski who feels very strongly about this. People despise when they are classified as a specific group or labeled something they’re not- now imagine computers doing it too.

Microsoft has developed a faulty facial recognition program that includes a racist history. The program is called MS Celeb which is of course accurate in reading white males, but not minorities. As much as the world we live in is changing, I thought we were better than this. Today everything must be equal and diversified, but I suppose Microsoft isn’t aware of this. As expected, white men are being favored for Microsoft training which has made their racist program inaccurate.

Michal Kosinski not only wants to measure intelligence and political orientation based on appearance, but also wants to predict if someone is gay. This absurd task was performed just for fun as well. There is no beneficial reason why Kosinski decided to create such a monstrous machine. Someone’s personal identity should remain private to them and to them only. No one likes to be targeted like Kosinki is doing.

It’s clear that Kosinski’s skills with facial recognition software is profound, but is it necessary? Humans are already able to identify and make presumptions if someone else is gay or straight. Does the world really need more fingers pointing at us telling us what we are?

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Smellycat, this is certainly a highly opinionated piece of writing that makes your point of view very clear. If this were going to become your actual Op-Ed, I’d be cautioning you about the irresponsibility you show characterizing Mr Kosinski so negatively without reading his own published statements. You’re relying on others who have already drawn negatives conclusions and gathered reactions from others instead of forming opinions of your own. That would be a gross violation of your responsibility to be fair to your “target.”

    But this was just a homework assignment to help you practice the format for an Op-Ed. As such, it’s a perfectly acceptable piece of work.


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