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America Must Chose in What it Stands for Most

The NBA is huge in the US as 15.4 million had watched the finals game this year. Another big thing here in the US is Twitter and the bill of rights. On Friday, Houston Rockets GM, Daryl Moore tweeted out “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” This caused problems with China and the NBA resulting in shoe companies and broadcast stations in China cutting ties with the Rockets. This was the right move by Moore as it has brought more attention to the problems with China. China is a country that needs to be put in check for the simple fact that they are detaining Muslims for no reason and hurting the Hong Kong protestors.

Being an American should get you to look at the other countries that don’t have basic human rights and should want you to stand with them. Like the events leading up to the Holocaust, this new “genocide” should not be left alone and requires some intervention from the other countries. Targeting people based on religion and what some bad Muslims did does not mean you detain all of them. Instead what should happen is that the NBA should not look at money, but the message they send when going to China and China should have to accept Muslims as citizen for they are human as well. We all have to play a part into stopping this event.

Although the NBA is trying to continue to play there, they should not do so for others will see this as America not caring. The Chinese government has imprisoned nearly 1.5 million Muslims of the 20 million they make up in China. The Chinese torture the Muslims there by making them eat pork and drink alcohol and if not done they could potentially die. So does America play ball for money, or cut ties for freedom?

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  1. doglover441 says:

    Has a clear stated view on this conflict in the article. Comparing the holocaust to the problem in China is a good example of why their argument is valid because the holocaust impacted history greatly. Grammar and word choice can be improved when the author talks about how muslims should be treated, the sentences are unclear.


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