Editorial Draft – Bane1900

I’m Goin’ Baby on Baby

In the world of music, rappers’ careers are one of the most idolized by young people.

Rappers often boast about violence and drug abuse in their songs. Many rappers vocalize their reckless use of drugs and alcohol to portray themselves as “cool” and “hardcore”. This has been a process used since the 1980s and has gained more and more popularity in recent years. Only a select few artists get signed to major record labels. Once these artists get signed to mainstream labels, this only solidifies the ideas in their minds that these topics are what sells songs, rather than instrumentals or more meaningful lyrics. These lyrics don’t gain anything for these artists, other than attention and scrutiny from the police.

With the popularity social media has gained in the past decade, big name rappers are taking their performances online. This brings many controversies and accusations along with it. For example, in recent times, rapper Tekashi69 has been convicted of federal racketeering and firearm charges. Once convicted, Tekashi69 immediately started throwing his friends and co-workers under the bus blaming these charges on them. This led to a lot of outrage on social media platforms leading to many threats towards Tekashi69 and his family. Furthermore, DaBaby has had his own life threatened in person. In the article pertaining to DaBaby’s personal life, he states that he was shopping with his daughter, mother, and another child when two men threatened him with a gun. In self defense, DaBaby fired off one shot killing one of the men. He was charged with a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed weapon instead of the murder. Rappers expose themselves to the public, revealing personal details leaving them vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of their fame.

Speaking out against certain styles of rap on mainstream media outlets portraying the use of drugs and violence against others, is the only way we can help these artists on the right track, but more importantly guiding our youth in more positive ways.

Many up and coming artists get swept away with the fame, but that usually ends up in many legal problems later on in their career.

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5 Responses to Editorial Draft – Bane1900

  1. The claim in this editorial is not in the first sentence and does not catch the readers attention immediately. The first sentence is pretty much an explanation of the editorial you are writing. Its opinion is not entirely clear, its claim is not entirely there. It is an interesting topic but it’s not an interesting editorial.


  2. doglover441 says:

    I found your editorial draft very interesting and informational, however I did not see a clear argument and controversial topic throughout the writing piece. I would have liked to see more of your own opinion on the topic so that I could better understand your views.


  3. yankeefan25 says:

    I will be back to provide peer review


    • yankeefan25 says:

      The first thing you can do is just fix the heading. Capitalize some of the words that need capitalizing. I was unsure of what argument or opinion you were taking early on. Maybe try to make sure that you are more clear and make sure the reader knows your thoughts on the matter at hand. Until the second to last paragraph, us readers do not really know what opinion you are supporting with your facts. The facts are good and used well but let us know what they are pertaining to.


  4. I’ll reply to this one


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