Feedback Please

Feedback Please

Feedback, please.

I’ve created a new category for your posts. To increase my responsiveness to your need for feedback, do two things.

  1. Leave a Reply to your own work detailing the sort of feedback you seek.
    • For example, do you want a Quick Overview that indicates how you’re doing overall in all categories of grade-worthiness?
    • Or you want an in-depth reaction to your argument and structure?
    • Are you concerned about whether your post complies with the assignment criteria?
    • Or do you need help finding support for your argument?
  2. Put your post into the Feedback Please category.
  3. I will reply not so much in chronological order as in the order of maximum responsiveness. For faster “service,” be clear in how the feedback process is working for you and in detailing what sort of help you’re hoping to receive from another round of feedback.

About davidbdale

Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.
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1 Response to Feedback Please

  1. Notes:
    The Professor whats us to leave a reply when he leaves feedback. the reply is meant to be used as a way to describe what feedback you want for your paper. putting your work in feedback please will let professor know that you need feed back on your trashy work.


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