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What Politician’s Think of Climate Change

Today’s politicians need to open their eyes and stop worrying about how much money is in their bank accounts. In the article, “Climate Change Denialists in Charge,” we learn that countless influencers do not believe in global warming. They are outrageous for not believing that the temperatures are rising throughout the world. Not only are the carbon levels the highest they’ve been in years but nothing is being done about it because of men like Stephen Bannon who persuaded the President to pull out from the Paris agreement to decrease carbon pollution years ago. Coral Davenport rightfully calls out other politicians like Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt, and Mike Pence to name a few. We can’t make any progress when our leaders continue to deny the obvious.

As a teen in this generation it is hard to watch people with power sit back and do nothing to save the environment. With the way the climate is increasing it has lead to an increase in the weather such as droughts, fires, flooding and more which will slowly destroy more resources and do more damage to ecosystems. Although the California Wildfires were started by people, their massive outcomes are from the warm air taking all the moisture out of plants leaving them more flammable. Since the so called “leaders” are refusing to lead we are forced not to follow them. We’ll have to take matters into our own hands, boycott polluters, vote the rascals out of office, strike, march, until something is done to stop this crisis. Not only the politicians but also the people of this planet need to start taking action before it is too late. 

The rising temperature has affected the length of the seasons, increased intensity for hurricanes, brought more drought and heat waves and it will continue to destroy our earth if nothing is done. According to data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment shows the tremendous loss in mass of Antarctica and Greenland over the years. The first action that should be taken is acknowledgement, by everyone. Citizens all over should push politicians to create laws to decrease the greenhouse gases which are making the carbon levels rise. Everyone needs to stand up now before it is too late. The future generations do not deserve to be brought into a world with the burden of having to watch their carbon footprint because the people before them let climate change become irreversible. The public needs to be more aware about the effects of greenhouse gases polluting the air for the future of this country and the president should be the one advocating.


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3 Responses to LTE for Portfolio-ajuuy

  1. davidbdale says:

    Brilliant work that shows tremendous openness to collaboration and revision, Ajuuy.


  2. ajuuy7 says:

    In my first draft you told me to organize who I was demanding responsibility from, add some hard facts, and fix my timeline since I was reacting to old news. I tried my best but let me know what else I can do to make it better please and thank you!


    • davidbdale says:

      Thank you for the specific request, ajuuy.

      P1/S1. (Paragraph 1 / Sentence 1)
      You start very strong, ajuuy. You blame politicians. But it’s not clear for what. They are ignoring something. They’re ignoring it to protect their bank accounts. But what is it?

      Then you say the TOPIC is climate change, but you only signal that you’re going to tell us what they think about it. You don’t tell us.

      Now, three sentences in, you tell us they deny that global temperatures are rising.

      Finally, in your fourth sentence, you blame influential advisers for influencing politicians to ignore a catastrophic problem.

      You are responding to an article that named half a dozen influential politicians whose denial of global warming has resulted in catastrophic delays in solutions. Your first paragraph seems to be a summary of that argument. To be published, your letter will need to add a voice to the conversation. We can’t actually tell from your language whether you’re summarizing, or whether your “they are outrageous” is your claim. We’re not sure whether you or the author blames Steve Bannon.

      So how will you establish your own point of view? And how long will you make us wait for it?

      A suggestion:
      Suppose you started with some VERY bold claims, a little outrageous, but attention-getting, enough to attract the notice of the editors deciding what to publish.
      “Blame Steve Bannon for global warming. Blame Rick Perry too. And Scott Pruitt. And Mike Pence. Coral Davenport does. And she’s right. We can’t make any progress when our leaders continue deny the obvious.”

      If you launch your argument in those stark terms, what’s left for you is to recommend the remedy. Since our “leaders” refuse to lead, we can’t afford to follow them any more. We’ll have to take matters into our own hands, boycott polluters, vote the rascals out of office, strike, march . . . ”

      See what I mean?

      Let’s keep this conversation going, ajuuy. You’ve chosen a good letter and your write well. I don’t want you to fall in love with your sentences yet, so let’s grind out some muscular paragraphs first. Be sure to fill them with bold clear claims.

      1. Let me know how you react to this advice.
      2. Make revisions (not just to P1, but to the whole argument).
      3. Drop this back into Feedback Please when you’re ready for more interference.

      And thank you. I enjoy this work. You’re a good partner.


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