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Same Sex Marriage

Opinions about same sex marriage tend to be a topic of popularity and controversy. However in late 2015 the United States Supreme Court held in a 5-4 decision that fourteenth amendment allow and recognize same-sex marriage which started a controversy over same sex marriage across the globe.

Background and Evidence:
Same sex marriage has been legalized in over twenty countries including the United States, however with a growing amount of people accepting the LGBTQ+ community, the rise of countries banning and not accepting this has grown as well.

When someone is told who they can and cannot date is something that no human should have to hear. People can not be changed into someone they are not just because another person does not believe in w hat they see. Out of all the places that allow for same sex marriage, most are in the Western European nations, which legalized same sex marriage before the United States, such as Sweden, Spain and Britain.

In other countries such as Russia, the government is Russian made it illegal to spread propaganda of not tradition couple images. Which would mean that showing an image of a gay couple, you would be fined and the image would be deemed illegal which opens the door for discrimination against gay people.

This source shows a great list of facts about gay rights in the United States in a time line fashioned order.

This source shows the United States congress bill passed for gay rights.

Gay rights across the globe are constantly changing for the good and for that bad, this source shows how different places allow gay rights and how others dont and what is being done to stop and prevent rights.

Sources I Haven’t Found:
I am still searching for an article about gay rights countries such as Saudi Arabia and possibly Yemen or Iran. Looking for countries information where being gay is very punishable.

Being able to marry who you want is something that not everyone is able to have or see.
Being gay is something you many people are choosing rather than what they are born with or believe.

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4 Responses to Writing Plan – Valcom

  1. tenere84 says:

    Kind of out of place for me to chime in but the thesis of an Op-Ed — and most of other types of essays, for that matter — should always be opinionated (i.e should contain value/moral judgement, a moral imperative, etc.). Yours is an observation and nothing else.


    • davidbdale says:

      I agree the Thesis needs to be a statement of position, Tenere. I think Valcom is embarked on a project that could yield some Op-Ed fruit, but the moral imperative is misplaced in the Background instead of in the Thesis where it belongs, to wit:

      When someone is told who they can and cannot date is something that no human should have to hear. People can not be changed into someone they are not just because another person does not believe in what they see.

      We can argue further about the merits of this imperative, but it surely qualifies.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Valcom says:

      I always appreciate feedback and value feedback from my peers! I will work on redoing my thesis and hopefully creating a stronger thesis in my draft.


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