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Op-Ed draft —Jayv23

Many teens and young adults are smoking vapes from cartridges that are containing THC oil and Nicotine that is effecting our body. While smoking from these vapes containing THC oil and Nicotine we are damaging our body. Not many are … Continue reading

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Writing Plan- gcatt310

Thesis Statement:  The changes made to Title X, which allowed women to afford contraception and other critical health benefits shows the goal of the future that the conservatives have in mind. By teaching young women to abstain from sex rather … Continue reading

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Writing Plan Op Ed—Hershey

Thesis Statement   Topic: The abolishment of the death penalty should be prominent, especially towards the wrongly accused. This penalty is beginning to have a new outlook on whether or not the use of this consequence is reasonable for an … Continue reading

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Jayv23 – writing plan

Thesis statement The use of THC and nicotine vape pens are causing so many illnesses to hundreds of people and they continue to smoke from them. Background and evidence Several marijuana and nicotine products are culprits for serious lung illnesses … Continue reading

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Writing Plan – thefrontbottom

Thesis: Women’s reproductive rights are being threatened by the Trump Administration and several male right-wing politicians who believe that birth control and family planning is unnecessary. They have been attempting to cut funding to Title X, which causes healthcare facilities … Continue reading

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Writing Plan – yankeefan

Thesis : You better think twice before going to college in America, it may end up costing you an arm and a leg. More than $1 trillion in debt has been accumulated by over 8 million students in the United … Continue reading

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Writing Plan—givemeclouttokens

Thesis: The American Dream has been taken away by the greedy one percent of income earners in the United States. The United States has a greedy tendency to take an unnecessary amount of money from the vast majority of workers, … Continue reading

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Writing Plan – Valcom

Same Sex Marriage Thesis:Opinions about same sex marriage tend to be a topic of popularity and controversy. However in late 2015 the United States Supreme Court held in a 5-4 decision that fourteenth amendment allow and recognize same-sex marriage which … Continue reading

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Writing Plan — iamsleepy01

Topic: Breath Test Aims to Stop Drunk Driving Thesis Statement: The Breath Test is not a reliable source to find out if a driver is drunk. Many drivers are getting arrested for the faulty machine that tracks our BAC level. … Continue reading

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Writing Plan- Athenapup4

Topic: Gun Laws Thesis Statement:  El Paso, Texas, 22 people killed in a Walmart, August 3, 2019. Las Vegas, Nevada, 58 people killed in Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort, October 1, 2017. Orlando, Florida, 49 people killed in a gay … Continue reading

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