Better Left Unsaid- Compclass8

  • If parents don’t vote, Kids won’t as well.
  • If your parents vote, there is more of a chance you will vote.
  • DNA testing show death row criminals spend their life in jail guilty or not guilty
  • Havard is as difficult to get into as Yale is.
  • Admissions officers don’t appear to be prejudice, but Admissions officers are more to admit students who look like the majority of the student body.
  • My parole officer assumes that when I don’t show up, I’m doing something that violates the terms of my parole.
  • The only person who wouldn’t buy this car, doesn’t understand that savings in gas will make up for the higher cost of the car in less than a year.
  • Parents who were abused as children are more likely to abuse their own children in the future.
  • With an electric car, you save more money than a regular car using only gasoline.
  • When people shopping for cars, they have to decide between cars with electric or conventional engines.
  • People prefer to drive a car that can switch from gasoline to electric.

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1 Response to Better Left Unsaid- Compclass8

  1. davidbdale says:

    Saved yourself a failing grade on this one.


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