Better left unsaid- doglover441

  1. Children who are brought up in a home where parents always vote are more likely to vote than kids whose parents do not.
  2. People are more likely to vote if their parents or head of household voted.
  3. Residents of death row often spend their lives in there for crimes genetic testing has proved they have not committed.
  4. Yale is hard to get into, yet Harvard is harder.
  5. Despite not appearing to be prejudiced in other ways, admissions officers are more likely to admit students who look like the rest of the student body.
  6. If I don’t show up for an appointment, my parole officer suspects me of doing something that violates the terms of my parole. [Can you revise to make the parole officer the subject AND eliminate the unnecessary if/then by creating a category of parolee?]
  7. In less than a year the savings in gas will make up for the higher cost of the car.
  8. Children who were abused are more likely to abuse their own children. [Just one thing here, and it’s hard to avoid, is that you have children having children.]
  9. Cars that can switch from gas to electiric when conditions permit saves [save money because cars is plural] money with better mileage.
  10. Drivers shopping for a new car have to decide between hybrids or conventional engines. [They don’t have to be drivers. What’s the simple category of people who shop for cars?]
  11. There is no reason to dislike driving a car that can switch from gasoline to electricity when conditions permit.

Beautiful work overall.

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2 Responses to Better left unsaid- doglover441

  1. davidbdale says:

    Beautiful work overall with exceptions noted.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Hey, DogLover, I have produced a page of Models and Solutions for this exercise under the Models menu at the top of the blog.


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