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Ask a teen what a juul is and I guarantee you nine out of ten times the ten will know what it is and its fact about 1/4 of them juul themselves. With many people being exposed to lung problems that started to emerge in the summer, government officials are looking for ways to prevent underage vaping and its not working. Why? Because there is no real way of stopping teens from wanting to vape. From banning ads to banning the fruity flavors, teens are still snagging mint juul pods and different brand vapes from local convenience stores and gas stations. With many teens finding ways to get their hands on the device, there doesn’t seem to be any way to combat this epidemic.

The FDA declared juuling as a problem in September 2018 when they had seen so many teens start to use the device. “How did teens get them if the age limit is 21+?” you may be asking and the answer has multiple answers. For one, not every family follows the same principles as the other and so some would buy their kids this as it is better to smoking cigarettes. Others could get it with a fake id, older sibling or relative, or by just having the cashier sell to you even if you’re under age. As more teens got a hold of them,the FDA, in October 2018, then made Juul Labs to pull the ads as they were seen as targeting teens. Even with the ads gone they were still pulling in teens and were then forced to stop selling flavored vapes. The only thing this has done was make juul lose a few customers as there are now many different vapes like as juul that has come out in the last 4 years that still sell flavored pods. Teens have now been switching to different brands that give them the buzz and fruity flavors.

Only now with up to 50 dead and 2,000+ in the hospital have teens began to try and stop using the device. Laws do not work 100% of the time and is clearly evident with the juuling problem going on today. That is why more laws won’t really stop anything and it is up to the people to stay smart and not get hooked on to vaping. This problem is identical to the marjuana and drinking problem where underage teens still find ways to get these drugs even though they are under 21. The only thing to really do is educate the people and hope they go down the right path.

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1 Response to Op-Ed For Portfolio – DrippyDoughnut

  1. davidbdale says:

    You and I both know you could have written that “Op-Ed” in the time it took to type it. It’s OK because you’re a strong writer, but it completely subverts the value of the course to toss off a draft within hours of your Grade Conference and avoid the potential benefit of a strenuous revision cycle, or two, to accomplish something meaningful. No Draft Version. No Feedback. No Revisions. Hopelessly late. The best I can offer is a D.


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