Robust Verbs – givemeclouttokens

Doctors destroy and harmfully discriminate people’s lives by prioritizing upper class patients over lower class patients. Patients expect equal care for their obvious injuries, but doctors carelessly perform on patients who are valued less than what the doctor can get from them. These prejudices stem from careless judgmental doctors, working to their next paycheck. Careless doctors extract whatever they can from their patients; therefore, richer patients are obviously treated better than poorer patients by the money laundering doctors. Higher educated people with proficient communication skills get better treatment from the doctor than victimized lower educated people.

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2 Responses to Robust Verbs – givemeclouttokens

  1. davidbdale says:

    Creates as many problems as it solves, and makes some very strange judgments about what qualifies as good medical care. Still, it does use robust verbs!


  2. davidbdale says:

    Your grammar isn’t perfect throughout, but you’ve done a brilliant job of matching robust verbs with subjects that are the actual subjects of your ideas, Tokens.

    I don’t expect a totally coherent argument from a grammar exercise, but you are confusing MORE care with BETTER care. I suspect you might know this. My ability to communicate with my doctor should result in FEWER unnecessary procedures if the system is working correctly, while your argument suggests that my ability to pay is the more important factor in how much I get fleeced.


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