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Notably, there are no letters yet taking a position on the article, “Why Did It Feel So Good to See Trump Booed?” Let’s craft a few Thesis Statements that we could use to get ourselves into the pages of the New York Times by Thursday, and then see if we can make it onto the Opinion pages.




37 Responses to CLASS 17: TUE OCT 29

  1. comp0327 says:

    -Literacy 200 years ago(being able to sign name) vs literacy now.
    -We discussed the distribution of the dollar, and wealth, in America.
    -We watched a video about the distribution of wealth in America, followed by a video about how Europeans view American ‘luxuries’
    -The income gap absolutely shocked and disgusted me.
    -Visuals are sometimes more effective than words.

    Thesis statements:
    1. Booing Trump may feel good, but going low should not be first instinct.


  2. In class today, we were looking at how money is distributed among american citizens. We learned that the distribution of wealth is so skewed, that graphing it would make a huge spike on the graph. We learned that america is not doing as well as any other country. Any other European country has amazing benefits for each citizens, even when their not the richest in the world. Meanwhile, america gives little to no benefits to its american citizens.


  3. tenere84 says:

    Notes 10/29/19

    Literacy is the ability to comprehend the meaning behind words as one reads them. However, people may not have considered that literacy entails being able to comprehend visual ideas as well.

    Persuasiveness can be found even in the beauty of arguments, which usually include visuals. A few examples:

    A movement called “Occupy George” has elegantly pointed out the facts of wealth inequality by printing figures on dollar bills. They have very little words but speak volumes. For example, one dollar bill had a very small portion represent the amount of wealth the top 90% have, while almost the entire area of the dollar represents the amount of money the top 1% owns.

    In an example video titled “Wealth Inequality in America,” the author observed that wealth inequality is much worse than Americans think. In general, Americans think wealth equality should be somewhat consistent, with the poor having enough to scrape by, the middle class having average amounts of money, and the rich having a reasonable amount of wealth. They think it’s slightly worse than the ideal, though they think the poor still has a generous amount of money and the rich having significantly more money. However, the reality is that the rich have dozens of times more money than the middle class and impoverished combined. Many of the poor don’t have any money, and even the middle class looks poor. These ideas are excellently conveyed through graphs with analogous figures like money and people.

    Thesis statements regarding Trump getting booed at Game 5 of the World Series:
    – The booing of President Trump by fans at the World Series game was a great display of Americans’ exercising their First Amendment rights.
    – The display of fans booing President Trump at the World Series was the most American thing ever.
    – There is nothing ‘low’ about fans booing President Trump at the World Series–they were just expressing clear disapproval of his presidential actions.


  4. Literacy
    – Means reading with comprehension
    – We need a visual component to our literacy to be considered literate now
    Beautiful Arguments
    – Occupy George movement (Virtual occupation of the dollar bill)
    – Helped represented the amount of wealth the top 1% controls compared to the other 99% with the scale being the dollar bill
    – In the 1960’s the labor force gained leverage against capital due to the creation of labor unions
    Its Worse than You Think
    – Wealth inequality in America
    Europeans View America
    – Europeans view of American social programs (Healthcare, Gun control, higher education cost)
    – Europeans are mostly appalled by poorly handled American social programs but still enjoy American hospitality and optimism.
    1. America’s past time deservingly booed Trump in Washington as his presidency continues to swing and miss.


  5. voxpopuli75 says:

    – good arguments can be made with or without words. Visual arguments such as the Occupy George campaign can be extremely persuasive.
    -Images, videos, and charts can make arguments just as effectively as language can.
    – Your letter to the editor wont get published if it agrees with the original author
    – The thesis is a crucial part of the LTE
    We should not feel bad for using our First Amendment Rights.
    The only way to get our message across to Trump is to stoop to his level.
    We should not feel bad about expressing our nonviolent opinions.


  6. ahntkd99 says:

    – We need to understand what literacy is
    Beautiful Arguments
    – Just 400 Americans control as much wealth as the bottom half of the entire country
    – The income growth disparity in America is wider than it was pre-Great Depression
    – In America, the average CEO earns 185 times more than the average worker
    – The richest 1% of AMericans control over 1/3 of the wealth, leaving the bottom 80% with less than 1/5
    – Unless things change, it’s safe to assume that our money will ultimately end up in the hands of the 1%
    It’s Worse than you think
    – The video showed about America distribution of the wealth
    Europeans VIew America
    – Europeans are shocked to learn that the American government doesn’t guarantee social protections that citizens in other advanced economies take for granted. ( University tuition, Ambulances fee)
    Going Low
    – Why did it feel so good to see Trump booed?
    – WHen he goes low, Democrats are supposed to go high
    Thesis Statement
    – Many Americans are expressing their freedom of speech at the world series game
    – Trump has done plenty of humiliate others, because of that such booing is expected and encouraged by many Americans
    – President Trump has to realize that there are many people and besides politicians don’t support him
    – The booing of president Trump shows the absence of respect a lot of Americans have for him


  7. ajuuy7 says:

    We learned that knowing how to read and write fluently as well as comprehending video is considered literate. 400 Americans have the same amount of wealth as 150,000,000 Americans. In the 60’s labor unions helped to increase income that was sufficient enough to provide for a family. The images on the dollar bill are very powerful and shows the share of wealth in America. The video we watched showed how the wealth is distributed in America and how much more the 1% makes over the poor or ever over the middle class. The second video we watched about people from other countries learning about America was crazy to think that a whole country could have affordable health care or paid maternity leave. There is a show on Netflix called Explained that features a show explaining Billionaires which was very interesting and relates to the topic of today’s class. Thesis Statement
    1. The behavior of Americans is getting too disrespectful towards our nation’s leader.


  8. -Today literacy is the able to read and write on your own and understand what’s going on including images. Back then it just used to mean that you are able to sign your own signature.
    -Occupy George is a movement that makes an argument that uses facts and post them onto dollar bills.
    -We then went over a video that explained what the 1% looked like on a chart
    – Europeans then looked at our social issues and compared them to there’s. Examples: They get paid leave when having a kid and Americans don’t get paid. Europeans don’t have to pay for healthcare.
    -Trump getting booed was just put on The New York Times so now we must create a good thesis so we can try and be published
    Thesis Statement
    Trump was finally shown that there are people that don’t like him when he steps out side his little bubble of supports when he was booed at the World Series game.


  9. Jayv23 says:

    thesis statements
    1) booing of President Trump goes to show how insensitive the country feels of the President’s actions


  10. yankeefan25 says:

    Literacy 100 years ago is far different than it is now. Not only do you have to read and write but you have to have the ability to understand videos and interpret them.
    The Occupy wallstreet movement was a movement by people who wanted to show the wealth inequality in the US. The top one percent has as much as half of America. They stamped dollar bills with a message on them to spark thought and provoke thought of the people looking at them. The wage swing has gone back and fourth throughout time. Labor unions allowed for people to increase their pay by banding together.
    The Wealth distribution in america is not even what so ever and is not at all what we think. The top one percent owns fourty percent of the money. It is very uneven.
    In Europe there are many things that are so different from the United States like vacation, healthcare, and gunlaws.
    How to phrase a good thesis statement
    No matter how loud the democrats can practice their constitutional rights, it’s not gonna change the person who goes to sleep at night as the president of the United States and will not change the outcome of the 2020 election.


  11. lg102015 says:

    10/29 Notes
    Beautiful Arguments
    -We started off class talking about beautiful arguments, which mean that some arguments are so well written that what makes them so good is their persuasiveness itself.
    Occupy George
    – We then talked about the “Occupy George” movement which was all about placing political graphics on top of the dollar bill in a way to show America the sad truth about the top 1% and the bottom 90%. The difference between the 1960s and the 1920, and 2000’s was that the bottom 90% had the power of unions to fight the top 1% with them.
    Its Worse than you think
    – We learned that what Americans really think about the top 1% and everyone is a dream compared to what it really is. A CEO of a company makes 380x more then the average worker of that company.
    Personally I am really shocked as to how bad the money distribution in America really is. I knew that it was bad, but after watching the video that we did I now know the truth about how terrible it really is.
    Europeans View America
    – We watched a video on how Europeans view America and Americans. We learned that Europeans really do live a better lifestyle then Americans. There is severely less obesity, less poverty and less gun violence in Europe then in America. Living in Europe seems to be a lot better then living in America at the time.
    We Write a Letter
    1. Even at one of Americas most beloved sporting events, Americans feel strongly enough about trumps actions to boo him, and more actions like this need to take place, to show trump how we really feel.
    2. Trumps actions are no longer acceptable, it is time for Americans to go low, just like they did on Sunday night, and stand up for America.
    3. “Lock him up” is just the PG version of what Americans should have chanted at trump when he appeared at the game, and its time for America to stop being so quit and its time to speak up about the actions of our president.


  12. bmdpiano says:


    -Verbal competency
    -Knowing only some words to make a sentence consider you literate? No, because it does not give the ability to read multiple sentences.
    -Standards of literacy is higher now.

    Occupy George:
    -400 Richest Americans command the same wealth of 150,000,000 bottom half of Americans.
    -The 1960’s showed the bottom 90% gained back all of the income growth because of labor (unions). The 1% did not work (capital).
    -Another graphic shows how the CEO of a company gains 380x as much as the employees of that company.
    -The stamps and charts are a form of literacy and poses a strong argument.

    Wealth Inequality in America:
    -What we think the wealth distribution is turns out to be far from the actual distribution.
    -The rich far exceeds the poor and even the majority of the middle class.

    Europeans on America:
    -How we a perceived and how we really are seem to be very different.

    We Write a Letter:
    1. A President who uses vile language that does not represent America deserves criticism, but not the immaturity of being booed.


  13. 10/29
    – Arguments are designed through the effectiveness of its persuasiveness
    – The Occupy George argument/ protest was very efficient in its way or persuading
    – The Occupy George argument was about the percentages and facts of how the pay is not right in America
    – CEO’s are getting paid so much more then all their workers for no probable reason and 400 of the richest Americans have the equal income as 150,000,000 people
    – Watched a video on what people think the wealth distribution is vs the ideal vs the reality
    – It’s insane how money is being given more to the wealth while the poor are suffering more and more
    – 9/10 Americans think completely wrong about the wealth distribution and aren’t even close to what the reality is

    – Watched another video on non Americans comparing there country to America
    – America is worse on so much levels when it comes to the care of the citizens and what we eat

    1. The booing of president Trump shows the absence of respect citizens of America have for him.
    2. American citizens are expressing their freedom of speech to Trump while at the world series game.
    3. After the occurrence at the world series game, Trump will end up being impeached at some point.


  14. mpsj13 says:

    1. No matter how one feels about President Trump, booing our country’s president is an embarrassing display.
    2. Booing President Trump in such a public display brings us down to his level of pettiness.


  15. 10/29 Notes:
    -What is literacy? How has it changed in time and society?
    -Literacy has developed a more comprehensive meaning–its more than just being able to physically read something, but rather being able to comprehend

    Beautiful Arguments:
    -Powerful arguments that were successful in their persuasiveness, however, did not use language.
    -the various arguments showed how an argument is more than the language provided.
    -The economic disparity and status of America and compared to European countries was a main topic for looking at the persuasiveness of visual arguments.

    Thesis Statements:
    1.) In an age where a president who refers to his colleagues as, “human scum” can be elected, going low is sometimes necessary to make a point.
    2.) Perhaps if the leader of this country did not do and say questionable and inexcusable things, members of this nation would not feel the need to ridicule or shout “lock him up!”.


  16. lucbe219 says:

    Literacy is reading with comprehension and writing clearly. Presently, much more is required of us to be considered literate because it is no longer just about signing our names on a dotted line. We need to decode information quicker to be up to speed with the literacy level of this century. A few years ago on dollar bills, there was a message explaining how 400 people of America are rich while 150,000,000 are at the bottom of the income level. We went over all of the dollar bill images about the amount of money given to the average person versus the higher up people in society. Overall, we can see that the average person is struggling compared to the rich and wealthy. When we watched a visual of the distribution of money throughout the US, it was easier to see how insane the chart values are in reality. Soon after, we watched a video describing how Europeans view America. Compared to Europeans, we Americans pay thousands more just to live and reproduce here which now I think is baffling that we’re still living like this. Fast forwarding to a current event, President Trump attended game 5 of the world series where he was booed and chanted at saying, “lock him up.” To respond to this article, we are instructed to create a thesis statement on the topic.
    Thesis Statements:
    1. Americans are starting to fight back for what they believe in against President Trump.
    2. President Trump supports the Amendments, and booing him was just a way for his Americans to take part in displaying these rights.


  17. kraemercali says:

    being literate vs. reading words
    understanding vs. pronouncing
    beautiful arguments-occupy movement, goal was to raise awareness of the wealth we produce and where it goes
    distribution of wealth- the actuality vs. ideal vs. what Americans think it is
    comparison of America vs europeans- social programs, healthcare, firearm procedures, vacation, maternity leave, etc.
    president getting booed at game, op ed, thesis for it- to get published- disagree, or agree and add

    1. People took to “booing” President Trump to exercise their opinion on the widest stage.
    2. Trump has done plenty to humiliate others, therefore such booing is expected and encouraged by many Americans.
    3. Freedom of speech and opinion are guaranteed to us through the constitution therefore we are able to exercise through booing and berating the president.
    4. There is no surprise to the boos and chants aimed at President Trump in a nationally viewed setting.


  18. Notes 10/29
    -Many literate people take literacy for granted. Visual literacy is important and valid.
    -The top 400 wealthiest Americans control as much wealth as the bottom half of the entire country (150,000,000 people). They also control 1/3 of the wealth, leaving the bottom 80% with less than 1/5 of it.
    -Europe is better than America, in my opinion.
    -Trump got booed at a baseball game, which is effective and important. It is the right of anyone to criticize anyone in power, as the person in power most likely needs to hear it.

    1. Americans hold the right to express their opinions regarding the President, especially when that President refers to people as “human scum.”
    2. The President should get away from his supportive, wealthy acquaintances and realize that people don’t like him: by going out into the world.
    3. Anyone who wants to boo the president is expressing their first amendment right to peacefully protest, even if it means demeaning an egotistical 1-percenter.

    (I enjoyed this class a lot today. I gained more knowledge of some topics I’ve wanted to learn more about, which solidified my opinions.)

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  19. Jayv23 says:

    Notes: we began by discussing that arguments that are written so well are very persuasive themselves.
    – In the 1960’s most of the population was part of labor unions so the 1% didn’t have the majority of the money
    – In today’s literacy the source occupy George is a good example without using words
    European view America
    – we watched a video of European’s that view on America and the things we have to think about that they never do. they live a better lifestyle because they said they pay 18 euros per semester, they get free rides in an ambulance when they are injured where we are paying thousands of dollars that people cant afford. Europeans get 14 weeks guaranteed of paternity leave where we get 0 guaranteed.
    – how do we get published?


  20. mpsj13 says:

    -The definition of literacy in America has changed from being able to sign one’s name proficiently to being able to comprehend text, write text, speak the language proficiently, and to understand and manipulate images.
    Beautiful Arguments
    -Occupy was a protest movement against the 1% when people realized how little of the money we produce goes to the 99%.
    *Occupy meant that people stayed in one place in protest.
    *Occupy George meant to write on a dollar bill with images such as graphics that show the top 400 people own equal to that shared by half of America and the unfair share of income growth.
    -European countries have social systems that support their people much in a fair way.
    *At least 14 paid weeks guaranteed leave for parents to the United States zero guaranteed days.


  21. 10/29/2019 Notes
    Beautiful Arguments
    – Graphic details in visual arguments are extremely effective
    – Occupy George: An american dollar is used as a visual to represent the split of wealth in America. First dollar is split in half, showing that the richest 400 Americans control as much wealth as the bottom half of the entire country. Another dollar is used to show the income growth disparity in America is wider than it was pre-Great Depression. More visual arguments are used to show the extremely negatively skewed dispersion of money in America.
    Europeans View America
    – We watch a video of Europeans reacting to social issues in America. They compared statistics and rules in their nation to America’s, adding to the effectiveness of the visual argument.

    Thesis Statements
    1. Stooping as low as the behavior of President Donald Trump does nothing to help the importance of removing him from office.
    2. Instead of criticizing the public for expressing their opinions on Trump’s disgraceful actions, we should focus on the real issue that is Donald Trump.
    3. Booing does nothing but show the people’s lack of respect towards the face of America.
    4. American citizens have the right to the freedom of expression, especially in a public setting.


  22. bestbaker123 says:

    Comp Notes 10/29:
    – Literacy 100 years ago meant understanding what to do if you saw a X on top of a line, which was a signature. Understanding what to do for that meant you were literate.
    – Occupy George: The one half of wealth belongs to 400 Americans and the other half belongs to other 150,000,000 people on the bottom
    – By 1960s most of the population was part of labor unions so the 1% didn’t have the majority of the money of it.
    – Arguments don’t have to be just words. Use effective illustrations like charts or graphic if it can help save words and still do the job.
    – Crazy fact: A CEO makes 380x more than an average worker.
    – How to get your letter to the editor published: thesis statement(s)
    1. The public booing of President Trump goes to show how insensitive and crass we as Americans have become.
    2. President Trump finally got a taste of his own medicine.


  23. compclass8 says:

    You can use graphics in writing and save yourself from using more words and get the same point across. It can do more for the reader rather than reading 500 more letters. Write claims that are controversial and has different opinions in them too.
    The letter to the editor is most effective because it shows us more about thesis’s and claims.
    We write a letter- Watching one of our American Leaders get booed, is good because we have expressions of First Amendments.


  24. We started class talking about literacy. Nowadays we consider reading and writing as the standard level of literacy but in the past, it used to be simply being able to sign your name on a document. Then, we talked about the distribution of wealth throughout the country. The wealthy that are 1% of the country actually have 40% of the nation’s wealth which is 100% unfair and not how our country should be distributed.

    If Trump stays the way he is, he will get impeached at some point.
    The wealthy 1% should not take up almost half the nation’s wealth
    Putting an “impeach trump
 banner is a great way to show how some americans feel toward the president without causing any violence.


  25. doglover441 says:

    -Looked at the wealth of 400 richest people is equal to 150,000,000 regular people and how in this example the visual conveys the idea on the dollar.
    -The ratio of the average worker pay is way more then the average CEO pay as shown by using a dollar bill and its surface to display the difference.
    -The compelling numerical argument makes the occupy George campaign extremely effective
    -Sometimes it’s useful to get an outside perspective. In the Video Europeans are shocked to learn that the American government does not guarantee social protections that citizens in other advanced economies take for granted.
    -Their reactions reflect how European governments prioritize citizen welfare, offering national assurances like universal health care and affordable education.
    -Thesis statement: The example the booing people are giving to children show that they are disrespecting the title no matter how much they dislike him.


  26. lovericeandnoodles says:

    how is this money distributed again
    government regulation
    organized labor unions
    few unions left
    occupy George a different way to protest
    How to get letter to the editor published

    Many of these comments relating to this article believe that it is not a proper way to act, booing Trump. Many commenters believe that the booing was justified, and some believe that it is a sad thing to see. But what creates the incentive for these people to boo in the first place? Well, the incentive is a president that a lot of people do not agree with.
    1. Do not go down to his level and show decency. Could have been nice and welcomed the president, despite disagreements on topics.
    2. Lock hillary up


  27. athenapup4 says:

    10/29 Notes
    Beautiful Arguments
    Occupy George: graphic occupation of the dollar bill. Half of the U.S population occupy half of the dollar bill and the top 400 Americans occupy the other half.
    Arguments don’t have to be made up of words. Can be done using compelling graphics.
    It’s Worse Than You Think
    Bottom 40% of Americans barely have any wealth
    Top 20% have 9/10 have the U.S wealth
    1% of American has 40% of America’s wealth
    This all represents income inequality
    Average american has to work more than a month to make what the CEO makes in one hour.
    If it is beneficial to incorporate graphics to help convey your explanation of multiple percentages or numbers do so.
    Going Low:
    How to get a letter to the editor published regarding the article “Why Did It Feel So Good To See Trump Booed?”:
    Thesis Statement:
    Following the quit controversial question Jennifer Weiner asked, “Why did it feel so good to see Trump booed?”, it is because narcissistic scums don’t deserve to “get away with murder” and yet still enjoy simple things, like a baseball game. After all that’s what happens at sports games, people get booed when others feel that person did something wrong.


  28. hershey515 says:

    8 AM Comp Class Notes
    – [ ] Depending on how persuasive the writing is will show the beauty of the writing piece
    It’s Worst Than You think
    – [ ] Video showed on how the wealth is distributed in America
    European Views on America
    – [ ] Video showing how things in the United States are totally different then that if Europe.

    Why Did It Feel So Good to See Trump Booed?
    – [ ] Making 4 Thesis Statement we must create to qualify our letter to be published
    Thesis Statements
    – [ ] The good sensation of seeing President Trump booed gave viewers satisfaction
    – [ ] The booing of the crowd just shows a little glimpse of the true opposition of people who don’t support his presidency.
    – [ ] The anger for President Trump has begun to spring forth and emotions are breaking out.


  29. smellycat23 says:

    Occupy George Campaign is effective because its graphic design contributes to its persuasiveness. The campaign drew on a dollar bill to show how much the rich vs how much the average workers make up of America’s wealth. Interestingly, one-third of America’s wealth is in the control of the richest 1% and less than one fifth belongs to the bottom 80%. Wall Street is to blame for the cards being stacked against most of the nation. We can use graphic design in our portfolio to portray a point as well.

    Europeans react to America’s norms in a video we watched in class. They commented on topics such as maternity leave and medical care. They were astonished and everything was better in Europe. Mr. Hodges thinks it was unfair that the NYT asked Europeans to do this.

    I learned today that Trump was booed at the fifth World Series game the other day. It is disturbing and impolite that the people of America boo our President of the U.S. at a popular sports game.

    The most effective topic today was the video about wealth distribution in America because of our ideals and what we think is nothing close to reality.

    How would we get our letter to the editor published?
    Our First Amendment Rights should be expressed against President Trump.
    It’s not surprising President Trump was booed at a nationally attended event.


  30. bane1900 says:

    Literacy is something we take for granted – many people struggle with reading and writing
    Discussed the Occupy George movement and how it shoes that spreading a message can be done in many different ways i.e. using the dollar bill with propaganda on it
    The “1%” of Americas population holds 40% of the Countries wealth. The curve of the Wealth Distribution Chart is extremely eye opening and many people have little to no idea on how bad the Distribution system is in America
    Thesis Statement: Seeing Americas leader get harassed by unruly baseball fans was a great way to start off the week.


  31. Literacy is a broad word that can be used when wanted to describe if a person can read or write. Visual literacy is a great way at even presenting arguments, such as the Occupy George movement, which was a way of protesting the super wealthy 1% of the population. A dollar bill is shown split in two and is shown that the 400 richest Americans own 50% of the wealth and equates to 150,000,000 people’s money. Static visuals and moving visuals are two different ways of procuring a message in visual literacy. Static would mean just a picture, and a moving visual means a video message.

    Thesis Statements
    1.) We should focus more on laws and the justice system to deal with this presidential slip. Calling the president names is a childish act, and something that I think our country needs to move on from.
    2.) Trump has every right to be booed and the public outcry is well warranted.
    3.) The public’s chant to “Lock him up,” sent a thunderous cry to the world in which we have met a true turning point in this country. The people’s say is stronger than Trump would like it to be, and we are all waiting excitedly for the outcome.


  32. iamsleepy01 says:

    – Visuals are strong as words for example: Occupy George Campaign. The dollar bill with drawing on them depicts the reality of the disparity of wealth in the US
    – Static or dynamic visuals could be effective if used in the right context with information that is vital to writers’ writing.

    Trump humiliated his political opponents by calling them “human scum” should be disrespected and get booed.


  33. influenza123 says:

    The class began with a discussion about how the meaning of “literacy” changed throughout the times. A few hundred years ago, being able to read/sign your name meant that one was literate. Now, the meaning of literacy often includes “visual literacy”. Words nowadays are often accompanied by graphics and images.

    We looked at a website called that uses visual arguments. The website portrays the wealth gap that is present in the United States. The visual arguments include money with stamps that help one visualize how big the wealth gap/disparity is in the United States. It was revealed to us that the richest 400 Americans have as much wealth as the bottom 150,000,000 Americans.

    The class continued with a discussion about an opinion piece on New York Times. The piece discussed how it felt good to see President Trump “booed” at the Nationals vs Astros baseball game. We were then asked to write a strong thesis statement for a letter-to-the-editor regarding this opinion piece.

    -Americans are unfortunately becoming more and more disrespectful towards the office of the President.
    -Americans have become accepting of pathetic and disrespectful behavior towards an office of government that demands some level of respect.
    -The immature behavior that was portrayed toward the President demeans the value of the Presidency.


  34. iamsleepy01 says:

    – Visuals are strong as words for example: Occupy George Campaign. The dollar bill with drawing on them depicts the reality of the disparity of wealth in the US
    – Static or dynamic visuals could be effective if used in the right context with information that is vital to writers’ writing.

    Trump humiliated his political opponents by calling them “human scum” should be disrespected and get booed.


  35. lelebxby says:

    Beautiful Arguments
    – Making powerful arguments are much more than the flow of words and proper grammar.
    – In class, we took a look at “Occupy George”, a movement that uses bill stamped graphics to show the ugly truth of the distribution of wealth among the top 1% and the bottom 90%.
    – In simple pictures and designs, “Occupy George” makes as strong an argument as a New York times editorial.
    It’s Worse than You Think
    – The wealth inequalities in America are much darker than what Americans ideally want.
    – In the U.S., the top 1 percent controls 40 percent of Americas wealth while the bottom 80% controls only 7 percent.
    – A CEO makes 380x more than the average American worker.
    Europeans View America
    – It’s significantly more unfair to live as a U.S. citizen than a foreigner
    – Compared to European living, America is more dangerous, expensive, and cruel.
    We Write a Letter
    1. As a man who actively refers to people as “human scum”, booing is the only way to get the peoples’ message across.
    2. Booing is a clear response to proclaiming what you do not like, so there is no problem with the acts that took place towards Trump.
    3. Trump has to realize that there are real people, besides politicians, that don’t support his presidency.


  36. lazybear8 says:

    Words alone are sufficient when it is all we have.
    The top 400 wealthiest Americans control as much wealth as the bottom half of the entire country(150,000,000 people).
    Include a chart or graphic to save a couple hundred words(show in writing plan).
    “all we need to do is wake up”-video shown in class.
    Charts did more for the viewer than words in order to convey its message.

    Trump getting booed:
    Writing a controversial claim invites controversy and differing opinions.

    We Write a Letter:
    Democrats need to stop bringing a pea shooter to a gun fight.
    In order for the Democratic Party Elect to win the 2020 election, he/she must strike low beneath the tyrant’s armor, just as the baseball fans did on Monday.


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