With many new patients that are mainly in their late teens and early twenties coming into the hospital beds with problems such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and vomiting, the experts such as the CDC have declared the problems to be related to vaping, both e-cigs and THC products. Vaping, which is a relatively new idea compared to smoking, has not been studied in recent years and so the short term and long term effects are not well known. Some chemicals that are causing fluid buildup in the lungs can be vegetable glycerin and vitamin-e.

The fact is that smoking anything is going to be bad for your lungs one way or another. Your lungs are designed to take in oxygen, not vegetable glycerin and vitamin-e. Like how vitamin-e is thought to be bad for your lungs but good for your health if digest, is the same way these products should be looked at consuming wise. Smoking and vaping nicotine and THC has shown to cause cancer and mouth and throat damage but, eating THC foods and chewing Nicotine gum has not put anyone in the hospital for any illness. 

With this being said and the bad image vaping and smoking have shown the people of this great nation, I see it as a time to put down the vape cartridges and caner sticks and to look at a healthier way to deliver these products. It seems as if infusing them into our food and drinks is the healthiest way.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You are very fast to dismiss the entire product line of the vaping industry, but as the author of a Purposeful Summary, you do use what’s available as evidence to promote an aggressive position.


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