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Editorial Draft—givemeclouttokens

America Needs to Stop its Opioid Addiction On november 2nd, the Amercan government has passed a bill that could potentially bring down the famously high price of widely used drugs across America. According to the article, “the American way of … Continue reading

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editorial draft- kraemercali

Let Athletes Live Sports are a very big part of the American lifestyle today. These athletes that excel in their sport are therefore placed on a very high pedestal. They are constantly in the public eye and must watch their … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft-Cynicalwordsmith

One Teen’s, “How dare you!”, Inspires Movement Across The World It is undeniable in today’s society the ongoing push from people all around the world, many of them youths, to fight climate change; or to at least do something to … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft – Christopharo

“Houston, we Have a Problem,” NBA Houston Rockets Executive Sets Fire to China’s Twittersphere Over the weekend Houston Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey, justly showed his personal support for protestors in Hong Kong with a modest and sympathetic tweet, “Fight … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft (2) – Whosyoucookie

Is 18 Not Responsible Enough? The current national drinking age in the United States is 21 years old, but why? It doesn’t make any sense to why the MLDA (Minimal Legal Drinking Age) has not been changed to 18 years … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft- ajuuy7

What Will The Supreme Court Say About New York’s Gun Control Laws? The gun control debate has been controversial for years now. The Supreme Court gets back in business and has multiple major cases to look at, one of them … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft – DrippyDoughnut

America Must Chose in What it Stands for Most The NBA is huge in the US as 15.4 million had watched the finals game this year. Another big thing here in the US is Twitter and the bill of rights. … Continue reading

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