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Same Sex Marriage Fight

Same sex marriage has been legalized in over twenty countries including the United States; however, with a growing number of people accepting the LGBTQ+ community, other countries are banning same-sex marriage or resisting its legalization. Being told who they can and cannot date is something humans should never experience. People cannot change their nature just because other people object to them.

In Alaska the fight for people to have the rights that the Supreme Court rules for the land has still become a battle to fight for. Before the federal court ruled that same sex marriage was legal, the courts overturned Alaska’s ban on same sex marriage. Denali Smith is suing the state over their continuous discrimination against same sex couples. All though a state spokesperson has claimed that the state does not discriminate against anyone, how come she was told if she was married to a man she would receive the money she needed.

I believe that just because humans love someone who is of the same sex, they can not be changed and should not be changed. These people are born this way and that is something that can not be changed within their brains even if people try. When a heterosexual person is born and grows up, that person knows that they are heterosexual, which is the same for a person is homosexual. I understand that is most western countries, including places such as Yemen and Iraq, there are very strict religions about being a homosexual. But for a country to create a law to kill someone for being homosexual is just upright unethical and inhumane for society.

Whether a person is heterosexual or homosexual, a person should be able to love who they want when they want despite a law saying they can’t or a religion that is holding them back. Super countries such as the United States should not be holding back about problems in third world countries, but trying to push regulations through the United Nations and create laws that would help protect people from being hurt or killed.

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