Op-Ed Draft – givemecouttokens

Facial recognition inappropriately invades our privacy and thieves all of our information for militaristic and evil uses. The development of facial recognition is stripping the fourth amendment of innocent American citizens who deserve to keep their privacy. Facial recognition is literally taking the identities of innocent people and viciously using their information for a police lineup. In the article, “your in a police lineup” it describes how our privacy is deeply in danger if we lay submissive to the government taking our identity. The government can track everything we do online with facial recognition, and can use this information against us. These types of police lineups can intrude on innocent people’s lives, accusing them safely and destroying lives.

The thieving of our information is an evil act that is made more efficiently with face recognition. Face recognition robs innocent law abiding citizens of their identity. It is being used to control citizens and pressure them into giving up their rights as people. This is an evil act of manipulation used against people for personal gain by companies such as microsoft



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