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How can I place my trust in a government that wants to use my face as a tool to trace me? With all the uncertainties of who, why, and for what, there is an ever-growing lack of trust forming between every day citizens and the people who are supposedly in charge, and a question of how constitutional the software actually is. Facial recognition virtually eliminates a right we as a people did not even know we even needed to ask for our own anonymity. It can be argued that this software was invented for the safety of the citizens of the world, however, this technology can easily fall into the wrong hands for the right price. The power of being able to identify a person at any given moment, no matter where they are in the world should be a terrifying thought, as it can be a threat to the security and privacy of people everywhere. What is at stake here is more than just our every move being a traceable and profitable currency, but the safety and security of the world. It is claimed to be used as a preventative measure to stop crime before it even happens, but every piece of technology has its flaws, therefore, this technology should not be passing judgement on whether or not a person is a criminal before possibly even they know themselves. The government and the world is not ready for a tool like this, that can be made to be judge, jury, and executioner.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Strong judgments that offer nothing in the way of evidence to help the readers draw conclusions.


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