Better Left Unsaid ~ DrippyDoughtnut

1) Kids will follow their parents doings and vote if the parents vote often.

2) Kids will grow up to be voters if the parents are voters.

3) DNA testing has shown us that death row prisoners spend the rest of their lives in cells for crimes they did not commit.

4) It’s more difficult to get into Harvard then it is Yale.

5) Admissions officers don’t appear to be prejudice, but they are more likely to admit students who look like the majority of the student body.

6) My parole officer suspects I am out violating the terms of my parole when I don’t show up to my appointment.

7) People who don’t understand that they will save money on gas in the long run, wont buy this expensive car.

8) Adults abused when they were kids tend to abuse their own kids as well.

9) Drivers save money and get better mileage when their vehicle can use both gasoline and electric.

10) Car buyers can choose between cars with conventional engines or hybrids which run on both gas or electric depending on the traffic conditions.

11) It’s way better to drive a car that can switch from gasoline to electricity when conditions permit then conventional engine cars.

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2 Responses to Better Left Unsaid ~ DrippyDoughtnut

  1. davidbdale says:

    Some wonderful edits here, Doughnut, but you introduce your own new grammar and usage errors too often. 4 5 7 11


  2. davidbdale says:

    Hey, Drippy, I have produced a page of Models and Solutions for this exercise under the Models menu at the top of the blog.


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