Op-Ed Draft – Hershey

Their is no harsher punishment then death itself. The hold has been far to long for the abolishment of the death penalty. The use of these expensive measures in order to take away an individuals life due to criminal acts has increased in some states. In the state of Tennessee, the rate which execution is used has plummeted ever since. Republican based states almost exclusively focus on capital punishment.

In the state of Tennessee, the government system has been broken. The hope individuals had for the laws of abolishment towards execution, especially from the newest Governor was diminished. After he refused grants towards two inmates who are facing death row and not commented towards aid the death sentenced criminals, this has shown true inconsideration. Meanwhile other states are trying to redirect the laws for this mishap, “Little surprise that at a time when new death sentences are near historic lows, Tennessee is executing people at a precipitous rate“. The decisions of proceeding with execution towards an offender is a sudden decision which does not also put a total end to a victims past experience. Thousands of dollars are placed into the execution which can be used to beneficial the government system instead of killing these people.
The typical “eye for an eye”, has been implicated in the laws for ages. Most inmates tend to lose their lives before the date of the execution occurs. The long process in which the days of execution must be reviewed and planned out is not worth it. The concept of the meaning of human life has lost its value completely. Execution has just become a regular killing and instead of trying to put an end to the lives that are lost everyday in society, the system feels the need to add onto deaths.
When considering the decisions of capital punishment, this decision should be the thoroughly thought through. This very death penalty does not deter criminals from committing unlawful vicious acts. With this, the killing of these criminals do not do nothing but decrease criminals who are already caught in the act but unfortunately have been already paying for their cruelty. With no hard evidence of this, decreasing criminal acts has no evidence which means there is no proven effectiveness of this technique. Starting from the state of Tennessee the laws should be reconsidered and evaluated on what the government needs to do for criminals who receive this treatment. The price of the crimes committed can still be paid for the of these offenders without it being linked to “death”.

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