Practice Op-Ed-Lucbe219

Facial Recognition Software

        Facial recognition software is a violation of innocent citizens’ rights to privacy. With having access to people’s backgrounds and images, this technology will put more people in danger. Influencing schools to introduce the software that is able to detect crimes in advance could possibly wrongly predict those who were participating in crimes. For example, if this software has the ability to tell who is predicted to be a school shooter, this technology could see the wrong person, and it would be a domino effect from there. The person could lose their job, or get kicked out of school, and this technology could even destroy an honest persons life.  Facial recognition software has tons of chances to falsy match a student or person within a school. It could go wrong at any moment and would lead to potentially ruining a child’s life for good and we, the adults of the generation, will stand here and watch this happen. 

        While getting away from the school use of this software, even in the real world, people can be accused of a crime from the cameras recognizing their facial features. Although, they could also be wrongly matched. With these wrong accusations, we as a country would be throwing innocent people into jail, or even on death row just because we retrieved our false evidence from a camera that assumes people are someone they are not. We will be hurting and destroying respectful law abiding citizens lives if we go through with creating and perfecting this software. 

          The sole purpose of wanting to invent facial recognition software was to attempt to solve the crimes occurring in the world by identifying the criminals before they can act again. They will be photographed, named, and tracked until they can be caught. The people who frown upon getting into other peoples business or those who are purposely hiding from the cameras because they have committed a crime, will end up disguising themselves. They will begin to use coverings or makeup to mask their identity. After the addition of the coverings, we will still have the initial problem of not knowing who is who in the world, and crime will eventually resurface. 

With little to no regulation attached to it, facial recognition software has no limits on how far it will go to crawl its way into the American citizens personal lives. We need to stop this idea before we find our own pictures on the camera of someone we had no idea about. 



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1 Response to Practice Op-Ed-Lucbe219

  1. davidbdale says:

    There’s plenty of room for improvement here, Lucbe, particularly in the removal of repetitive claims of unintended harm, but as a first draft in a one-draft assignment, it more than meets the requirements.


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