Op-Ed Draft – ahntkd99

The impact of climate change is appearing faster than scientists had predicted, with the world now struggling with climate change. Currently, carbon dioxide is at its highest concentration in the atmosphere for three million years and is still rising. Finally, at higher levels, sea level was 32-65 feet higher at 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Since humans have no experience in weathering these types of sustained conditions, this rapid climate change can also be a problem for the economy. If budgets are put in place to prevent human and property damage or climate change from climate change, it can lead to economic losses and recession, leading to social and political turmoil.

Hydrologists have long recognized that climate change has undermined the normality of water management, but economists have not recognized that this applies to climate impacts. In Greenland, for example, the loss of ice rapidly increases sea levels and tidal waves, contaminating water and destroying coastal cities, forcing people to be driven away. Climate change also disrupts the way people live and live.

Although climatologists have not underestimated the rate of climate change and its severity, economists would not underestimate its costs and could have prevented the problem of climate change from becoming severe. Estimates become increasingly uncertain when things change so much that experience is no longer a reliable guide to the future. Before things change more quickly, it is urgent for governments and institutions to pursue new green economies. Even now, if we study the solutions to environmental problems, our future will be happy, but if we just wait for the problems to improve, our future will not be known.

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