It seems inconceivable that minors would be able to get their hands on nicotine and THC in 2019. However, this epidemic is spreading like wild fire and seems like it has a lot more health consequences that people think.

It seems like today’s teenagers are getting their hands on nicotine and THC in many sneaky ways. A majority of these teens are getting these substances through street vendors which opens the door for counterfeit products, which can cause a litany of health problems. These teenagers are able to mask these products from family members by disguising them as USB drives or other pieces of technology.

The respiratory issues associated with using these substances are quite severe. Hospital patients experiencing health problems state that they experience shortness of breath and lung inflammation. Doctors, professors, and scientists all state that the main cause of these health issues is the deregulated nature of these substances. Many of which contain harmful chemicals that are not designed to be inhaled.

Teen nicotine and THC use if a major health concern to professionals and many teens are being put at risk daily by these harmful chemicals.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ve described a lethal situation well, Bane. Did you have a suggestion to make? You don’t appear to be advocating for any course of action.


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