Comparing Revisions

WordPress saves all drafts.

Tyler asked me today to demonstrate how to view side-by-side drafts of his posts in WordPress’s Edit mode. I promised I would, then forgot to follow through. So here:

Find the Revisions table.

First, open your post in Edit. Down below the text field are a set of tables that include a list of hyperlinks to all the time-stamped drafts you’ve saved, or that WordPress has Autosaved for you.

Revisions1Launch the side-by-side window.

Click any time stamp, the one you want if you recognize it, though any link will do. You can fine-tune your selection once you launch the function.

Click “Compare any two revisions.”

The double arrows above the side-by-side window will let you scroll through all your early drafts, comparing any two.

Revisions2Scroll to find revisions.

WordPress highlights the differences between your drafts.




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