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Joseph Henderson’s letter to the editor regarding the article “Reviving the American Working Class” hits every essential component needed for an article to be published on the newspaper. Before the writer Joseph Henderson begins the article, he cites the work he references to perfectly for the editor to know who or what the writer is responding to. The citation is one of these components.

Henderson instantly continues his article by giving his credentials, describing his life as a minimum-wage employee at a hotel. This gives evidence to the amount of passion that was put into the article. Henderson also provides his objection in the first paragraph and clarifies this objection on the second, stating that the “…concept called “just in time scheduling”…(piled) up the dollars for corporate executives.”

The writer ends with what may be considered to be the truth to many readers who, like him, do not see the “…rosy portrait of job creation…” He gives a call to action by asking readers to ask our president the hard hitting questions, and finally finishes his article with The Rhetorical Flourish. We the people can do better.


Link to the article. 

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  1. davidbdale says:

    This concise analysis covers all the points and in just a few words supports its claims.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Happy to have your homework, Sub2MigzFilms, but your professor does not recognize your username and did not invite it to the blog, so you don’t appear on his User list and will not be tracked as having completed your assignments.

    Please email to identify your human self. Thanks!


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