LTE Homework

An excerpt from the Agenda for Class 01: TUE SEP 03

10. First Homework Assignment:
DUE before class, THU SEP 05

  1. Study the “Letter to the Editor Workshop”
    1. —Link to “LTE Workshop2019″
  2. When you have an idea what components comprise a good Letter to the Editor, read the sample from the New York Times issue of September 01.
    1. —Link to  “An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President”
  3. In 1000 words or less, critique the Letter on the basis of how many of the 10 Essential Components the letter includes, and how well it uses those components to make a persuasive case.


  1. If you haven’t received or confirmed your invitation to the blog, you can’t post your homework. A checklist of steps to take to join the blog are contained in your professor’s post AT THE TOP OF THE BLOG (ironically).
  2. When you’re logged in to the blog, you’ll find the WRITE icon in the upper-right corner, which will launch the Word Processing space I showed you in class.
  3. In the Title space, type this, substituting your actual username:
    LTE Homework—username.
  4. Before you Publish, open the Categories menu in the right sidebar and find the category LTE Homework under Assignments. Click that box.
  5. Then publish.

I’m sorry this seems so complicated, but the long-term benefits are many.
Most students at the end of the semester cite “using a blog for class work” as their favorite part of the course.
Good luck, I’ll be here to catch you if you stumble.