As of lately, teens and young adults are showing up at the ER with vaping related illness. Vaping was seen as an alternate cigarette for people who are quitting smoking. Now, things changed such as vape products that contains nicotine and other products that does harm to the body. Teens and young adults don’t know any better and buy vaping products for cheap on the streets and modify a product to vape cannabis. Vaping related cases has been showing up in many hospitals all over the world.

Researchers has been cracking down on the possible causes of the recent outbreak of vaping related illnesses. When someone vapes there are oil that heats up to help turn the liquid into vapor and some of the oil could be leftover and when it is inhaled it could cause breathing problems or inflame the lungs. There are many products in the product are not supposed to be inhaled or be in the body. Vaping has become an epidemic that even the next generation will be vaping. Some people on the streets don’t know what they are buying and what they are putting into their bodies and only thinking of getting a buzz. Vaping will never come to an end until the kids or adults realize what they are putting in their bodies. As of today, we don’t know all of the long-term effects of vaping until more research is done. It is up to them and no one can change what vapers think about the product they are using until you persuade them.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    A reasonable summary that is light on details and marred by a systematic grammar problem of number disagreement between subjects and verbs. A few examples:
    —vape products that CONTAINS nicotine
    —other products that DOES harm to the body
    —cases HAS been showing up


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