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Re “The Green New Deal Is Better Than Our Climate Nightmare” (editorial, Feb. 23)

To the editor:

As a human residing on earth, we are all entitled to the right to life, in particular, a safe and healthy one. Climate change has been of great discussion recently specially given thee proposal of the “Green New Deal” which intends to propose massive economic reform in an attempt to drastically reduce carbon emissions and reverse climate change. 

In this particular editorial, the editorial board discusses how “The Green New Deal” is better than the so called “climate nightmare”. What the editorial fails to discuss is that the deal is no good if it isn’t brought to fruition. In fact, the bill demands an emission free economy by 2050. This would be great but unfortunately it is quite the fantasy. The bill doesn’t promote the use of nuclear energy which is the most efficient clean source of energy per megawatt of energy. Reaching an emission free society in such short time simply isn’t viable without the aid of nuclear energy.

Although the dreams of reversing climate change and living in an emission-free society would be amazing for the health of this planet, The Green New Deal is no viable solution to this so called “climate nightmare”. The fantasy is in fact better as stated by the editorial but only if realistic means were proposed. 

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