Practice Op-Ed – Bane1900

Facial Recognition software is extremely invasive to peoples privacy and puts many innocent people behind bars.

In my opinion, FRS should not be used in mainstream society as it is not ready to be used in that way. There are many faults with this system as it is in its infant stage of use. This leads to many false matches in the system that can have very negative outcomes. For example, prosecutors in court cases utilizing FRS have been known to falsely identify people and charge them with a crime they did not commit. I think this is an issue because innocent people should not be incarcerated due to technology that is so new in society

FRS is an invasion of our privacy because it is a technology we cannot control. It is being used authorities to identify people in unethical ways and is not being regulated by any agencies. This technology will continue to unnecessarily tear families apart, and indict innocent people until we put a stop to this.

Link to article 1

Link to article 2

Link to article 3

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1 Response to Practice Op-Ed – Bane1900

  1. davidbdale says:

    States its position clearly but does little else. Names its sources but does not incorporate their material into its presentation.


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