Practice Op-Ed- roses0102

Facial Recognition technology is growing at a rapid pace and in turn is violating our constitutional rights. The most violating part about facial recognition is that you dont need any permission from the public to take these photos, or track them with the software. This technology is so advanced that the vast network of cameras can be combined into a comprehensive facial recognition system, that can track any citizen in real time.

Facial recognition is used “innocently” to unlock phones and use passwords without typing it in, but did you know nearly half of americans faces are in the database without their knowledge? This not only puts our privacy in jeopardy, but our public right to anonymity and freedom of speech. Is being recorded considered freedom? With no legal restrictions to these actions, facial recognition could become a much larger problem than it is now. The giveremnt and police forces and other 3rd party researches are combing information to make these databases bigger, and stronger.

Big companies such as Microsoft and Stanford University have compiled almost 12 million images of people. With security cameras and other cameras taking pictures as many as 10,000 a day, many innocent and not innocent people get entered into the database. When they are used for crime, the databases can be used to track people on cameras committing illegal activity. For this purpose, facial recognition software is useful and helps with crime rates in some places. Other than that, law abiding citizens should not be violated of their privacy for the purpose of technology.,

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Plenty of scary conclusions and frightening allegations but you don’t provide any actual information about the systems being used to help your readers draw those conclusions. We must inform before we can persuade.


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