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Facial Recognition is violating our rights of anonymity. The government/police in control of the cameras in public don’t even need permission from the person to take a picture of their face. People can never hide their faces in public and will always be on surveillance anywhere they go. The cameras can still detect even if someone has a mask on. Students from Stanford created a program to take pictures from a bar and created a database filled with peoples faces, which violates our private rights to public anonymity.

Surveillance cameras are useful to the government to catch criminals but it can be used wrongly and might have a small error in the algorithm and the government could catch a innocent person. Cameras could be used for schools to spot students with weapons and also check their history. A example of a place with 24 hour surveillance is: China.

In China there are cameras everywhere you walk and there is no way to avoid being seen in public. China has turned into a prison where all the civilians are the prisoners in a huge prison. Even children are interrogated and are in put into camps to be condemned.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    A good collection of notes that do not coalesce into an argument.


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