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In Michael R. Bloomberg and Matt Myers’ article, “Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes to Protect Our Children“, they argue that big tobacco companies are ruining teenagers lives with electronic cigarettes, a form of smoking that was originally designed to help adults stop smoking cigarettes. In the article, Bloomberg and Myers state that Federal health officials announced there are at least 450 cases of lung cancer and five deaths in 33 states and vaping could very well be the cause of this. Throughout the article, both writers agree that vaping is harmful to teenagers and creates a bad smoking habit that will continue throughout life. I agree with the writers and agree that people, especially teenagers should not vape.

I believe that smoking anything is harmful to health. Nothing besides the air we breathe should be breathed in by our lungs, our bodies were not created to normally withstand any foreign smoke. Young teenagers are starting to vape and the amount of them that are vaping increases. In the article it says that nearly 50 percent of middle schoolers are vaping. These kids in middle school are around 13 years old and that is a prime stage of development. If their brains are used to the addictive chemical nicotine at such a early age, it can surely have a lot of harmful effects both short-term and long-term.

Both Bloomberg and Myers believe that in order to “protect and save” our children, the government should ban flavored electronic cigarettes. I agree with this and I believe that there should only be flavors that don’t appeal to kids such as tobacco. But what I truly believe is that these companies are purposely getting teenagers hooked to make more money, but to also lead them onto cigarettes. It is almost like they are trying to make the most money they can off of flavored e-cigarette products until it gets banned. Then when it is banned, all of these nicotine addicted kids will start smoking cigarettes. Overall, electronic cigarettes need to be banned before teenagers and adults keep hurting their lungs, as it can lead to many worse illnesses or even death.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey, Noodles, I see you’ve already posted a Portfolio version of this Letter, so I’ll make my feedback comments there.


  2. davidbdale says:

    lovericeandnoodles, you didn’t make a specific Feedback request. I will return to offer feedback, but first I’ll respond to your classmates who gave me guidance about the sort of responses they wanted.


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