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To the editor:

In Michael R. Bloomberg and Matt Myers September 10th, 2019 article, “Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes to Protect Our Children“, Bloomberg and Myers start off with the flavors of e-cigarette vape that attract and target kids. Targeting teenagers to buy these products is not fair because they do not know how addictive the nicotine chemical can be and sooner or later they cannot stop buying these products. They mention with that how a recent announcement from the Federal Health Officials states that there were multiple deaths and severe cases of lung disease which many of these people are teenagers. The nicotine products being sold that are causing these severe illnesses and deaths should be taken off the market. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe people especially teenagers should completely stop using vape devices as considering the harm it could potentially bring on to users.

E-cigarettes were originally marketed to help people addicted to cigarettes quit, but now it is just attracting teenagers with the variety of sweet flavors companies sell.  I understand the original idea companies had to help heavy users quit, but now it is back lashing leading kids who start vaping more likely to use real cigarettes. It is a common belief that companies wanted to get keep the consumers who were addicted to cigarettes and also market towards teenagers hooking which is why they came up with new nicotine vaporizers. Once the companies who sold these started realizing that they got a whole generation hooked, they started advertising so it with more appealing flavors geared towards teenagers. Nicotine is a harmful and addictive substance which should not be promoted any longer.

Being a teenager growing up with e-cigarettes I can say that companies who sell these products most definitely target us with their sweet flavors and get us addicted, so addicted that teenagers in high school have to go to the bathroom just to use there e-cigarette. With this being said, I completely agree with Bloomberg and Myers in the fact that we need to continue the fight to ban e-cigarettes in as many places as we can in order to stop people from using them. People do not know how harmful vaping can be, which is why it is necessary to spread the word with urgency like Bloomberg and Myers are saying. E-cigarettes need to be put to an end before they start ending more peoples lives.

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