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Smoking nicotine or THC has transformed the lives of the young generation by making it easy access and efficient in use. Everyday the usage of these devices increases constantly but mostly among the younger age groups. While these new inventions are created to lower smoking rates and modernize smoking there are many health issues that are linked to the use of these products.

In the U.S. doctors and researchers are now able to see a correlation between the usage of these products and life threatening diseases. In many recent patients, mostly ranging in the younger generation, they have been effected from this. Some effects include severe shortness of breath, several days of vomiting, fever, fatigue, and even death. On the other hand, illnesses are being developed from these products with no direct treatment designed to help patients due to the lack of knowing what they have used or inhaled.

The goal of companies making e-cigarettes and THC pens has been to make a product that is easily accessible which has been a success, however the chemical it contains is becoming a major issue because of its addictive qualities and its negative effects on the human body. It is the duty of doctors and researchers to bring awareness to this issue and the importance of paying note to what you are inhaling because toxic chemicals are being laced into these devices that cause harm.

Individuals today will hear the stories and news concerning these technologies and may still continue to use them. The knowledge will help many people because they can now make an informed decision on whether they want to put their health at risk, although some may choose to still take the risk, atleast now they will be informed.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Your observations take no clear course, Hershey. They do not coalesce into an argument that promotes any particular point of view. The Purpose of Purposeful Summary is to use whatever data the sources contain to advance a particular Purpose.


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