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School Systems Have Had Enough

Systems Have Had Enough

Why is the rate of ingesting harmful chemicals into your body increasing rapidly in the lives of the young generation? Thanks to the invention of the technology of Juuls’, it is causing drastic health conditions and encouraging nicotine use among under aged groups. The enticing flavors and easily accessible usage creates a facade that makes unhealthy substances appeal to the youth. This is not only putting a strain on the health of those who are using but it is now affecting the educational systems. It has come to the point where Juuls’ are getting the retribution it deserves for hooking teens on to a harmful product. They should be made to pay for the damage their products cause on school campuses.

In Olathe Public Schools, the school districts have had enough with the way the use of Juuling has plummeted and how the use of these products reside mainly on school grounds. The rate in which e-cigarettes are being used by teens has reached its climax and must be stopped. Recent research states that, “The number of youth smokers has also been increasing. The CDC estimates that the number of middle and high school students who use e-cigarettes rose by more than 50% from 2017 to 2018 — from 2.1 million to 3.6 million.” The overwhelming fact that these harmful products are being used by such a young age is depressing. During a student’s life in middle school the development and growth process of becoming a teen has just begun, so now imagine ingesting harmful chemicals into your body.

In order to be able to make a difference in the future, school districts are filing lawsuits to help decrease the drastic incline of Juul use. “Schools across the country are so fed up with student’s vaping on campus that they’re suing the e-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs. Multiple districts filed lawsuits on Monday, including school systems in Olathe, Kan.; St. Charles, Mo.; Long Island, N.Y.; and La Conner, Wash.” It has been way too long to not bring forth an end to the use of these Juuls’. The escalation in which the use of these harmful products at a young age has now escalated to being used on school property which is outrageous.

Around the U.S school districts are trying their hardest to reverse the epidemic of Juuling. The addictive effects of nicotine has completely hooked the brains of the younger generation by the harmful chemicals which this product contains. A school district states, “ The Juul explicitly markets its products to youths, leaving schools to shoulder the costs of stopping students from vaping, disciplining them when they break school rules and providing support services when they become addicted”. School districts have gone from enforcing education to now becoming a babysitter to help end an epidemic. Juul companies should be ashamed knowing that their inventions not only affect individuals health because of consumption, but also affect the school system. Instead of these companies trying to target young adults by promoting nicotine use, the should find something else to invent that can actually be of good use.

Unfortunately, students lack the true understanding of the long term effects and the toll it is taking on school districts. By school districts taking the action of filing lawsuits, this will hopefully help enlighten the companies of this product to reevaluate how easy and accessible this technology is towards teen purchase. Even though this incline has brought a substantial amount of income for e- cigarette companies, the effects it is creating should be recognized. Public officials have been taking a new stand on the usage of Juuling. It is ironic how companies are skilled in targeting the youth with products that can have terminal affects. The use of Juul’s should be considered detrimental. School Districts are trying to do anything in their path to create this decline. If making lawsuits against these companies will create awareness towards the situation, then why not? It is in the best interest of school officials to ensure the success in student’s safety and health.  

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I don’t know what happened to your Op-Ed, Hershey, but where it should be you have posted the same material you called your Editorial for Portfolio. All I have to go on regarding your Op-Ed is the Draft you published about the death penalty in Tennessee and other Red states. It’s a good start but in need of revision. The safest thing to do in the interest of time is to award you the same grade you’ve received on your other Portfolio posts until you can make the substitution.


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