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Earth Cannot Satisfy Greed

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” Mahatma Gandhi said it best, and even though those words were spoken almost eighty years ago , they are still as relevant today as they were back then. Greed is what drives our world nowadays and the world is failing because of it. The Trump administration is a prime example of taking advantage of Earth’s precious resources and the inhabitants that live within it. Over the almost four-year term, Trump and his group of harriers have rolled back fifty three laws aimed at providing support for environmental problems, and would help not only the citizens of the United States, but of Earth.

Every single one of the laws taken back was meant to aide the lives of billions. We all live on this planet and we are the ones destroying it. Any tiny bit of help can bring relief to someone. Now as mentioned, fifty three laws are already rolled back, but thirty two are still in progress. Of the laws noted above, air quality, water quality, toxic substance removal, animal wellness, increased drilling and mining for fossil fuels were targeted to be overridden so that. The restrictions set into place before were eased and this action could damage many lives.

As a species, we have no time to waste. Saving what we love on this planet, must come above the economic benefits to large industries such as oil companies. Some examples of laws rolled back include, the relaxation and ending of limiting emissions from a multitude of air pollutants such as industrial factories. Air pollution is a large contributing factor to climate change, and every degree raised in temperature will result in “thousands of extra deaths,” every year. The raise in temperature means more melt on the polar regions of earth, and another issue that the Trump Administration made public is that they loosened aide efforts on regions where the rise in sea level may come into effect in the coming future.

Water pollution is another extremely important issue in this country, and on this planet. Our planet’s surface is composed 70% of water. Out of the 70% only 2.5% of it is fresh water. Even with that small percentage, only 1% of all water on earth is freshwater, and easily accessed. Protection should come at all costs for what we have of this life giving essentiality. Five laws total have already been rolled back that will harm the water quality of select regions. These laws can implement old habits such as coal companies “dumping mining debris into local streams,” and withdrawing a rule in which ground water must be protected from uranium mines.

Planet Earth is not owned by us, it is shared by the billions if not trillions of species present. Endangered species, in almost every case, are endangered due to human actions. The Trump administration is doing what they can to make it increasingly difficult to protect wildlife from this ever growing issue. They would rather see economic success with big businesses, than see an endangered species rehabilitated back into the world. Fortunately, the administration attempted to remove Grizzly bears from the endangered species list with little luck, because the public refused to give in to this type of arrogance.

This may seem like all hope is lost, but humans are a resilient species. Do not give in to the Trump Administration’s wrongdoings. Americans never give into a foreign bully, so why should we give into one right here at home? The election is coming fast, so what we all must do is pick the right candidate who can help not just our lives, but those of our future generations.

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