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Op-Ed for Portfolio — morra2024

WE ARE BIG BROTHER The future does not look bright: a dystopia is inevitably imminent. Worst of all, it is going to be our own creation. Mankind’s existing culture of “self-surveillance” is the biggest contributing factor to the dystopia’s development. … Continue reading

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Op-Ed for Portfolio–drpaleontology

What We Can Do to Bring them Back A warm summer night fades into the early dawn, as orange sunbeams peek out from behind tree branches and bushes. Bugs make all sorts of calls in the distance, and squirrels can … Continue reading

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Op-Ed For Portfolio – thefrontbottom

The Trump Administration Gutting Women’s Health Conservative politicians are adamant about gutting adequate reproductive care for women, and frankly, it’s inhumane. Women should not be forced to fight in order to gain access to health clinics or reproductive care. Removing … Continue reading

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Op Ed for Portfolio – yankeefan

The Student Loan Crisis CAN Be Fixed,It Will Just Take Some Extra Work It’s not new news that attending a college or university will leave the students pockets light of cash and their debt even heavier. The cost of tuition … Continue reading

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Op-ed for Portfolio—Athenapup

El Paso, Texas, 22 people killed in a Walmart, August 3, 2019. Las Vegas, Nevada, 58 people killed in Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort, October 1, 2017. Orlando, Florida, 49 people killed in a gay nightclub called Pulse, June 12, … Continue reading

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Op-Ed for portfolio—Jayv23

Needs a Title and link to your sources Many teens and young adults are smoking vapes from cartridges that are containing THC oil and Nicotine that is effecting our body. While smoking from these vapes containing THC oil and Nicotine … Continue reading

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OP-Ed for Portfolio – VoxPopuli

Action Needs to Be Taken Against China’sHuman Rights Abuses The world should take more action against the tyrannical Chinese regime because they are arguably the world’s worst human rights abuser. The People’s Republic of China has shown consistently throughout its … Continue reading

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