Riddle About Riddles

Good One

Housekeeping: Better Left Unsaid

In-Class Task: Robust Subjects and Verbs

Essay Mechanics: Thesis Statements.

Discussion, Facial Recognition

Task: Practice Op-Ed (Facial Recognition)


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  1. morra2024 says:

    Class Notes 10/22
    0. Class started with an overview of what makes a joke funny, and just how quickly it stops becoming humorous if the tone and/or order are wrong.

    1. In preparation for our own Op-Ed’s, we differentiated between a hypothesis (a statement requiring experimentation to determine its validity) and a thesis (the main statement/idea of a written piece of work). A thesis ought to be concise and unambiguous, meaning, amongst other things, it definitely cannot be a rhetorical question. We practiced by writing our own thesis statements.

    2. “Robust Subjects and Verbs”.
    Main takeaway: unless the subject’s identity needs to be established, avoid at all cost the weakest possible claims known as: “there/it is/are.” For example, “It is said to be the case that taxes depress the economy.” As writers, we should fix our sentences so that the strongest subject completes the most robust action, e.g. “Taxes depress the economy.”


  2. ahntkd99 says:

    Riddle About Riddles
    – Jokes are funny
    – Jokes have the tone

    Robust Subjects and Verbs
    – Common phrases can kill good prose
    – “Is” is the weakest verb
    – Many sentences begin with, or contain “There is, There are, It is”

    Thesis Statements
    – Thesis statements have to make a claim

    Task: Practice Op-Ed (Facial Recognition)
    – Write an essay in the Op-Ed style with a specific thesis on the broad topic of Facial Recognition
    – They may use first person singular (I)

    I was not attend class because of family issue.


  3. Began class with anti-jokes and jokes, on what makes a joke funny.
    Thesis Statements
    When writing a thesis statement, it’s important to know how to state your claim and prove your point in as little words as possible.
    It is never a question
    Robust Subjects and Verbs
    Unless your subject’s identity needs to be established, fix the sentence so that your strongest subject completes the most robust action.
    The weakest sentence is one that identifies that something “is.”
    When making claims, it doesn’t matter what “it isn’t” but rather what “it is.”


  4. tenere84 says:

    Notes 10/22

    Riddle About Riddles: Some jokes are funny because they are executed in a way that is both efficient and appropriate to one’s intentions. Other jokes are funny simply because they subvert one’s expectations of a joke (i.e a meta-joke). They may not have a quick punchline but they can be funny if delivered well.

    The bottom line is there are many ways to ruin the delivery and/or tone of a joke, despite what your intentions might be.

    Robust Subjects and Verbs
    – The weakest claim any writer can make is that something “is.” Toxic elements such as “there is/are” and “it is” as beginnings of sentences fall into this category as well.
    – The only reason one should use these phrases is if the subject’s very identity needs to be established.
    – Consequences of using these constructions include establishing weak claims and shifting focus from the subject about which the writer is most concerned.
    – The use of some constructions, such as “by verbing,” are simply redundant and result in the sentence lacking a subject.

    Thesis Statements

    Hypothesis statements differ from thesis statements in that they are written with the implied concession that they may or may not true; they make predictions but not claims. Both, however, are subject to scrutiny.

    Thesis statements must establish a claim and be devoid of weak “is” clauses. That having been said, thesis statements should never ask a rhetorical question. Such a sentence burdens the reader with more work than they should have to handle. In addition, writers should be clear and opinionated when establishing said claims and include moral imperatives (e.g value judgement, moral judgement, “should” language, etc.).


  5. 10/22 Notes:
    -We reviewed the better left unsaid sentences, and determined why some of them were deemed more sound, composition wise.
    -Being concise in writing is crucial
    -We looked at sample thesis statements and declared that a thesis statement must have a claim/argument, and be able to prove itself. Therefore, a question or just a simple opinion with no backing or evidence is not a thesis.
    -We wrote a sample thesis statement on FRS, using thesis language
    -Try to eliminate confusing and verbose diction such as, “There is/Are/It Is” which only weaken your writing


  6. voxpopuli75 says:

    -If you don’t have a good thesis you cant have a good argument because you wont have anything to prove.
    – A good thesis statement will get the author’s point of view across and be arguable, it should make
    a claim. Avoid asking questions when writing your thesis statements. A thesis should not end with a question mark.
    – Use robust subjects and verbs in your sentences to ensure your sentences don’t fall flat.
    – EX: Say “Taxes Depress the economy” instead of “It is said to be the case that taxes depress the economy”
    – Make sure your claims are clear and understandable.
    -The skills needed to write a good Op-Ed are useful in academic writing.
    -You can use first person in Op-Ed writing unlike editorials.


  7. Riddle About Riddles
    – Riddles and jokes are all about the phrasing and tone
    Better Left Unsaid
    – Condensing a whole clause into something simpler that gets the point across
    Thesis Statement
    – Hypothesis = educated guess
    – Thesis = Proving that something reasonable is true
    – Thesis statements make a claim and have an argument
    – Summarize thesis in one sentence of your argument
    – Examples of FRS thesis statements: FRS is invasive to our privacy. Law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear from FRS. FRS results in false matches that lead to wrongful convictions.
    Robust subjects and verbs
    – Eliminate repetitious material, bad language, fix flawed sentences, repair pronouns that have unclear antecedents.
    – Choose the most robust verbs and subjects, use imagery, and make every sentence a short argument.


  8. Anonymous says:

    In class we first went over riddles and how they work.
    We then went over Thesis statements and determined what qualified as one or not
    If it ends in a questions it is most likely not it.
    Thesis make claims and try to prove it.
    Next was going over robust verbs
    Eliminate words like “There is” or “They are”
    When writing Op-Eds don’t state the obvious


  9. kraemercali says:

    jokes- comment a joke
    thesis statements- determine whether can be one, theory not yet proved, one sentence, write a thesis on facial recognition as a comment
    subjects and verbs- grammar practice,
    op ed- due wed, 3 sources


  10. Valcom says:

    Notes 10/22/19
    [] Class started with a riddle about riddles where the riddles had to be bad then we reviewed the better left unsaid activity and read which ones the professor chose were the best done.
    [] Thesis statements need to have a clear opinion and must make a claim. The difference between a hypothesis and thesis is that a hypothesis is trying to prove something that you claim. While a thesis is claiming something that is already proven.
    [] If a thesis is a question, it will end in a bad paper. Never use a question in the thesis. Strong statements tend to start with a subject followed by a goof verb. Don’t use There are, There Is and It is.
    [] We used the remainder of the class time by answering questions and beginning to write our rough draft practice op-ed letter. We have roughly two days to write it so it should not be the best letter. It is due Wednesday October 23rd at midnight.


  11. lucbe219 says:

    To start, we went over a few riddles and added more to the list. After, we discussed the revisions of the “Better Left Unsaid” sentences, and why they were changed. Later, we talked about how a thesis can make a good argument because you then know what you are trying to prove to your readers. A thesis is based on a tested claim that turns out to be a fact about your desired topic. If you are ending your thesis statement with a question mark, it is not a good thesis statement because it has no argument. It is important to make a claim, stick with it, and later prove it through your writing.


  12. bmdpiano says:


    -All about phrasing to deliver the joke
    -This is just like writing when wanting to phrase something to get the correct point across

    Better Left Unsaid:
    -Recommended correct answers and the professor’s recommended answer us provided on the pinned post called “Better Left Unsaid.”

    Thesis Statements:
    -A sentence that will be proven in a piece of writing
    -Provides a promise for evidence to come
    -Must make a claim, otherwise it is not a thesis statement. If there is a question asked, it is probably not a thesis statement.
    -Must be clear

    Examples: Thesis Statements
    Facial Recognition Software is invasive to our privacy.
    Law-abiding citizens = no worries

    Robust Subjects:
    -Remove repetitions
    -Remove “There is/there are” and “It is”
    -Each sentence is short argument that have clear actions
    -Avoid bad verbiage

    Practice Op-Ed’s:
    -Reference three sources
    -Invites argument and controversy but it makes clear statements on its own


  13. roses0102 says:

    -Started class of with not funny joke
    -We then talked about Better Left Unsaid and went over the best arguments from the class
    – Next, we went over hypothesis and thesis, where hypothesis is an educated guess and a thesis is a theory that is going to be solved.
    – We read thesis statements about Donald Trump and his withdrawal from Syria, even though the first statement it is a prediction and cannot be proven, it is still a bold statement that provokes argument.
    – Thesis statements need to have a claim, cannot be a question or non arguable statement. Claim needs to be answered/proved within your writing.
    -It should be easy to summarize thesis of your argument in one sentence.
    -We then wrote thesis statement and went over several statements about Facial Recognition Software.
    -We then were directed to take the steps to revise a paragraph by removing repetition and trash language and adding short arguments and robust subjects and verbs.


  14. ajuuy7 says:

    Class started with a two riddles that were funny in different ways. They were there to tell us sometimes you have to say exactly what you mean. Instead of any thesis we have to make an unarguable statement. It’s a promise of evidence to come. Make a claim, stick with it, and prove it. We have to try not to use “is” and “there is” language and we should just get to the point. Op-ed’s create controversy in a good way. A position needs to be taken in your own opinion.


  15. yankeefan25 says:

    Class Notes
    When writing a thesis statement it is important that we are clear and direct. It is the sentence that we are trying to prove throughout our Op-Ed. Thesis statements have to have a clear claim. An easy way to test your statement is to see if you could form an argument with just that one sentence.
    When writing you should eliminate everything that repeats what was already said and stay clear of “it” or “this” claims. Away to help make what you are saying stronger could even come through a visual.


  16. 10/22

    Began with our daily riddle. Riddle was called “Riddle About Riddles” and the point of the riddle was to show how the intentions and tone of the riddle can be misinterpreted by anyone.
    – Fun Fact: riddles are all about phrasing and can completely lose its sense if changed slightly

    – Prof went back to review our “Better Left Unsaid Challenge” and he chose his personal 5 favorites and expressed what he enjoyed about them

    – Discussed the true meaning and definition of a thesis statement
    – Looked at seven thesis statements thoroughly and determined the qualities that made them a good or bad thesis statement
    – If the ‘Thesis Statement’ ends with a question mark then it most likely isn’t an effective and correct thesis statement
    – Then began creating our own thesis statements on FRS in the comments

    – “Is” is the most overused and weakest verb used in sentences
    – Follow the remedial steps to make impressive improvements to your paragraph
    – Then introduce quality enhancements to your writing to impress the reader


  17. Jayv23 says:

    Notes 10/22
    – When writing a thesis statement, you can not ask a question. A question automatically makes it not a claim or good thesis statement.
    – a thesis statement is important for you to clearly state your claim. It HAS to be a clear claim and lead to no confusion.
    – make a claim, stick with it and prove it
    – You should be able to make a claim with very little words and in one sentence.
    – there is no subject worse then is and no worse verb then it
    – we went through several thesis statements on what makes it a good thesis statement versus a bad one.
    – eliminate repetition material.
    – eliminate trash language such as There is / There are / It is / They are etc.
    – Repair pronouns that have unclear antecedents


  18. mpsj13 says:

    -Statement to be explained in one’s writing
    -Bold claims to be argued.
    -A thesis should never be a question
    -A thesis should be direct
    Robust Subjects and Verbs
    -There is/there are/it is should not start a sentence
    *this is merely telling the reader that something exists
    -Strong verbs make one’s claims clear rather than leaving them ambiguous.


  19. lg102015 says:

    Today we started off class with a few jokes, we went over jokes that are real and make sense, and then we went over anti-jokes or jokes that really were not funny because it was the expected answer.

    We then went over some of the best answers of the better left unsaid assignment from last class, and were told that if we did not recognize any of our own answers up there, then we may want to practice a little bit more.

    Then we went over thesis statements, and what they are and how to properly write one. As a class we looked at thesis statements and decided what is a good thesis statement and what is not.

    The last thing that we talked about was Robust subjects and verbs, “Unless your subject’s very identity needs to be established, revise your sentence so that your strongest subject completes the most robust action.”


  20. The professor wants us to look into facial recognition so that we can write about it on thursday. The professor also wants us to know that he finished looking into the “better left unsaid” posts and posted all the best answers to give the best examples of a good claim. A good claim can be compared to a good thesis in science; an educated guess. Bold claims that have to be well argued. A good thesis statement should feel bold, strong, and arguable.


  21. 10/22/2019 Notes
    We review our solutions for sentences in “Better Left Unsaid.”
    – the professor selected the best answers, and added his own recommendation.
    Thesis Statements
    – We take a look at examples of thesis statements.
    – We determine as a class whether each example is a bad or good thesis statement.
    – Thesis statements are able to be proven.
    – A thesis statement cannot be a question because a question cannot be proven.
    We must write a strong thesis statement on the topic of facial recognition software.
    – We come up with a few examples of thesis statements on this topic as a class.
    Detoxify Your Sentences
    – Too many sentences begin with, or contain “There is” or “there are” or “it is” components. “Is” is the weakest verb.


  22. bestbaker123 says:

    Comp Notes 10/22:
    – Riddle: bad jokes are funny when the joke tries to be bad and its kind of funny when they explain why the joke is funny.
    – Difference between a hypothesis and thesis: In a hypothesis you are trying to prove something you claim. A thesis is claiming something without the possibility of that something existing for not.
    – What makes a good thesis statement: doesn’t have to have details because it doesn’t have to prove anything to you.
    – A thesis statement can’t be a question, automatically a bad thesis.
    – Don’t use “mis-“ inside of a thesis. Use the positive connotation to eliminate confusion.
    Ex. Facial Recognition Software should be used to correctly identify criminals.
    Don’t write: Facial Recognition Software shouldn’t be used to mis-identify criminals.
    – Good thesis statements: FRS violates the rights to public anonymity.
    FRS has big conveniences.
    – When writing strong claims: use a subject to start and then add a robust verb.
    – Eliminate the extra wordiness and constructions and the rhetorical questions.


  23. smellycat23 says:

    Class began with jokes that Mr. Hodges created. The first joke was straight to the point and the second one completely misunderstands how a knock knock joke works. Putting things in the wrong order, spoiling the effect by getting the tone wrong, and overwriting were all points made by the knock knock jokes.

    Then we went over thesis statements which would help us on our Op-Ed due Thursday. A hypothesis does not claim it is true and the conclusion at the end of the lab report includes a thesis that states what is true. A thesis is an argument that can be proven as true. A good example of a thesis statement is, “ President Trump’s hasty withdrawal from Syria will result in genocide of the Kurds.” It is to the point and can be explained with facts. It also explains who will die. A bad thesis statement would be posing it as a question and not identify the result like this example, “Our withdrawal from Syria is now complete, but at what cost?” A thesis statement should not be a question at all. Thesis statements should include “should language” and be imperative.

    Sentences in an Op-Ed should not include “there is” because it is weak.


  24. We started class with a couple riddles. These are important because they are to the point but still have the comical structure that jokes usually have, even though they are not necessarily funny. WE then went over 7 sentences and were told to figure out if we were able to identify them as a hypothesis or not. Then we had some practice learning about op eds. They are different from editorials because we can use the first person.


  25. compclass8 says:

    There are many ways to get the point across that you’re trying to say but you need to have the tone right to get the effect you were going for. A good thesis doesn’t need to prove anything, it just needs to give the idea of the paper. A thesis sentence cannot be a question because it cannot prove anything. Example- Facial recognition software has been use to identify individuals. Facial recognition software has been use to misidentify criminals. Facial recognition violates our rights to public anonymity.


  26. iamsleepy01 says:

    -Thesis is a statement that can be proved from the given time and facts.
    – in the thesis statement, there should not be a question mark.
    – Thesis statements does not need to be really specific. It could be short and concise to the point.
    – eliminate There is/ There are/ It is. And replace it with a robust verb.


  27. Better left unsaid answers are posted on the top of the blog feed. If we want to review our answers to know we can consolidate words properly, this is the best example. A good thesis statement is never a question. It must be concise and to the point when writing one. It needs to be a statement that is controversial, not one that is just a proven fact. “There is”, “There are”, “It is,” are three toxic openings to a sentence. They must be avoided at all costs. Try not to be as repetitive when writing. Use other ideas to strengthen your main argument. A practice Op-Ed is posted and due Wednesday night.


  28. hershey515 says:

    8 AM Comp Class Notes
    – [ ] Riddle
    We began class with different types of jokes that are told and how the tone can make the joke unappealing or funny.
    – [ ] We then had to come up with our own joke displaying the tone being wrong that it does on the spot or it is funny.
    Essay Mechanics
    – [ ] How to proposals write a thesis statement that shows the argument you are trying to prove.
    – [ ] Displayed different thesis statements and depiction of what is a good or not so good thesis.
    – [ ] Thesis Statement cannot be posed as a question.
    – [ ] As a class we came up with different thesis’s that relates back to the topic of facial recognition.
    Subject/ Verbs
    – [ ] Do not use repetitive words on your paragraphs
    – [ ] Use “verbing” in the sentences.


  29. lelebxby says:

    Class Notes 10/22/19
    We began the class with anti-jokes and jokes, on what makes a joke funny.
    Thesis Statements
    – When writing a thesis statement, it’s important to know how to state your claim and prove your point in as little words as possible.
    – A thesis sentence is never a question.
    – Thesis statements show the reader your thoughts of an issue as plain as day.
    – Thesis statements make simple sentences into argumentative topics.
    Robust Subjects and Verbs
    – Unless your subject’s identity needs to be established, fix the sentence so that your strongest subject completes the most robust action.
    – The weakest sentence is one that identifies that something “is.”
    – When making claims, it doesn’t matter what “it isn’t” but rather what “it is.”


  30. lazybear8 says:

    There are many ways to go wrong, with respect to what tone you pick.
    Thesis statements cannot be questions. No matter how interesting the question, it can’t be one. Does not have to be true but must be proved throughout the essay/op ed.


  31. bane1900 says:

    Started class telling not-so funny jokes
    Identified different thesis’s and thesis’s that end in question marks are not good ones.
    Provided many thesis’s regarding the topic of facial recognition software.
    Learned about subjects and verbs in order to provide more clarity and conciseness to papers


  32. Bane1900 says:

    Told not-so funny jokes to start class
    Thesis statements cannot be questions, the whole paper cannot answer that one question rather than a provocative statement
    Identified thesis’s based on facial recognition software
    Discussed subjects and verbs and how to enhance then to give more clarity and conciseness in papers.


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