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Love Who You Want

Thesis: Same-sex marriage has been a controversial for many years. In 2015, the Marriage Equality Act was passed into the law, making same-sex marriage legal anywhere in the U.S. However, there is still discrepancies and people who disagree with the topic. Prejudice towards same-sex marriage needs to end.

Background and Evidence:

Same-sex marriage up until 2015 was illegal in most states. The basic reasoning for marriage is for procreation. Many people believe that people should only get married to have children and create a family. This is also popular belief with religious people. However not everyone is religious and not everyone can control who they fall in love with. Marrying someone should be dedicating one’s life to another, loving them endlessly. One should be able to marry whoever they want, regardless of gender.

Denying some people the option to marry is ridiculous. By denying a group of people the right to marriage, not only is it now illegal but it also creates a second class of citizens. Not allowing same-sex marriage only creates more discrimination towards them which is not what America is about. If people are happy with who they love, why bother them? It shouldn’t affect anyone else. However it is understandable why parents don’t want their children to be influenced and directed away by the “social norm” of being heterosexual. If this is the case, then parents must raise their children they want to, but should never try and change their children’s sexuality.

There are other understandable reasons why people are against same-sex marriage. If a homosexual couple wants to have kids, they have total right to. However some studies show that children without a mother or father depending on the couple, can have mental side effects. One study shows that girls that are raised without fathers are reportedly at a higher risk for teenage pregnancy and sexual activity. But this can be easily counteracted if a homosexual couple just raises their kids correctly.



Gives accurate pros and cons about homosexual marriage. This is where I obtained most of my information and was able to create different types of arguments while also looking at both sides.


Another source with great information on the topic.

Sources I am still looking for

I am still looking for a source that shows more reasoning why people are against same-sex marriage.

Counter arguments: I incorporated most of my counter arguments into my paragraphs but here they are listed:

People should be able to marry whoever they love, regardless of gender, race or anything.

People should not discriminate towards homosexuals or anyone of the LGBTQ community, they are humans and should have the right to marry just like anyone else.

If parents don’t want their children to be homosexual, they should raise them that way. They however should not teach them that being homosexual is bad or that LGBTQ relationships and marriages are wrong.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Couple things, RiceAndNoodles. You misunderstand the special nature of an OpEd. It’s not a general-topic essay about whatever interests the author. It’s commissioned by the Editors to address a timely topic currently in the news. If there’s new legislation pending, or a bit of news reporting that throws a timeless topic into the national spotlight, or a new survey of how Americans feel about gay marriage, or . . . something . . . you’ll use that hook to justify your choice of topic.

    The very reason we use the model of OpEd essays is to discourage students from recycling old arguments that have no timely relevance.

    I could make a suggestion. “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg is rising in the polls as a credible candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. Openly gay, he has pulled a lot of spotlight for himself as the first openly gay presidential candidate for a major party. THAT makes the question of the electability of a homosexual candidate very timely. NOT gay marriage, but something else of equal interest. There will be opinion polls you can gather. There will be prognostication from pundits. There will be dire warnings that a gay Democratic challenger would all but certainly usher in a second term for President Trump.

    Are you willing to make this change in order to save your topic? If not, you’ll have to switch gears very promptly and find something in the current news cycle to OpEd about.

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