HW Brevity and Clarity

I could assign the same homework every day and never be wrong to require your constant effort to achieve brevity and clarity. Strunk and White, the authors of The Elements of Style, famously offered the essential writers’ advice in language that proves its own effectiveness:

Omit needless words.

I need more from you than that, but it’s a very good start.

After reading my other post, “Brevity and Clarity. The Short Sentence,” and following the example offered there, collect a paragraph of any of your classmates’ A03 assignment and edit it as I have demonstrated, to eliminate repetition and wordiness, and to reduce the paragraph to its essentials.


  1. Publish under the title: Brevity MW—Username (substituting your username of course).
  2. Copy and paste another student’s paragraph from an A03 assignment into your post.
  3. Revise the paragraph for brevity and clarity.
  4. Use blockquotes if possible.
  5. Categorize your post as Brevity MW and in your username.
  6. DEADLINE: 11:59PM TUE OCT 07.

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Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels. www.davidbdale.wordpress.com
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