Op-Ed Draft – Bane1900

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Walking into a baseball stadium, fans are overwhelmed with the smell of roasting peanuts, the flashing of cameras, and the loud echoes of die-hard fans cheering on their team. Booing at a baseball game is no shock to anyone and its almost a habit to do so when a player makes a bad play, or an umpire makes a bad call. What is a big shock to people is hearing boos directed towards President Trump sitting in his booth at Game 5 of the World Series. Many Americans dislike Donald Trump – seeing the nation’s leader get harassed by unruly baseball fans was an awful way to start off the week.

Monday October 27th, the President of The United States arrived at Game 5 of the World series. During the game, President Trump was met with echoing boos and remarks from the crowd. During this he just smiled and waved as appropriately as he could have in that situation. He was also met with clever chants of “Lock him up!” relating back to President Trumps earlier remarks towards Hilary Clinton of “Lock her up”.

Many announcers and broadcasters at the game were shocked to hear the American crowd booing and chanting nasty remarks towards their leader. Also, many sports analysts were very shocked to hear the news about the remarks.

Baseball is Americas pastime so it’s a huge slap in the face to be booed at a game, especially being the President. Being bood at Game 6 of the World Series might be the worst thing to go through as the president and I think that the American population should at least show him some respect as he is the man that represents our great country.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ll need to use this very narrow and specific incident to offer some broader opinions about our loss of civility as a culture, Bane. Or about the deep divides that have turned us all into radical partisans with no patience for the “other side.” When IS it appropriate to express our profound disapproval of our elected leaders (and when is it not)? Do you want to weigh in on the question of whether politics should be “kept out of sports” or cordoned off from any other area of public life? You might also want to consider the aftermath of the booing event: didn’t the public divide as predicted into a camp that emphasized all the boos and another that insisted most of the noise was cheering? All of these questions and more will help you explore not just the facts of the Game 5 event but also the significance of them. You’ll need to do just that to do your best job on this essay.

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  2. davidbdale says:

    Bane, I’m going to level with you here. There’s not much content in this draft. If you will permit me to boil down your four paragraphs to their essence, I see:

    Many things are expected at a World Series Game, but the booing of the President is not one of them. When it happened at Game 5 on October 27, fans and broadcasters were shocked to hear chants of “Lock Him Up” leveled at the President, who tried to put on his game face. The fans who booed the leader of our great nation should be ashamed of themselves.

    Is that about it?

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