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In an article there are ten different components that gets an article published to a newspaper. Editors read and make sure that these 10 components are put together so it is releasable to the public. The writer of this article, Joseph Henderson. does well in all tenThe article, “An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President, was written by a 65 year old hotel employee who was fed up with “just in time scheduling”. Right off the bat he shows his credentials because he himself is a worker who hates this “pernicious” labor practice. In the first paragraph, he shows clearly his citation to the other editorial “Reviving the American Working Class”. He shows that his intent in the article is to disagree with the author. When he says; “rosy portrait of job creation”, he is mocking the President’s flaunting of job creation, disagreeing and saying that more jobs do not matter if the workers are not treated well.The author shows support by using logical reasoning. He is saying to the president that sure, millions jobs are being made but do these jobs pay enough? Do they have any health insurance? However despite these differences, he agrees that there are jobs being made, but he disagrees with the quality and benefits that these jobs provide. Joseph’s proposal in this article is for the president to be more transparent in his “boasting”. He wants the president to assure the quality of these millions of jobs he is creating, because Joseph is not happy about his job. He states that due to the poor quality of schedule making, his hours that he needs may be removed and may not have enough money or time.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    The best part of your analysis is that you provide us with actual information about Henderson’s claims, Noodles. Your own language use leaves a bit to be desired, and your organization is all over the place, but you’ve done good evaluating and provided good support for your positions.


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