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Growing up as a minority in one of the worst cities in America, with rampant crime, police brutality, and disgusting acts of violence, seeing how stop and frisk has affected some of my friends and how it has accused innocent … Continue reading

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Do We Need More Doctors? Mukesh K. Jain, Tadataka Yamada and Robert Lefkowitz’s article, “We Need More Doctors Who Are Scientists,” offer no solution to the problem of too few doctors and fail to explain why it exists. My schools guided me to … Continue reading

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To the editor: In Michael R. Bloomberg and Matt Myers September 10th, 2019 article, “Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes to Protect Our Children“, Bloomberg and Myers start off with the flavors of e-cigarette vape that attract and target kids. Targeting teenagers to … Continue reading

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To the Editor: Re: “The Trick to Life Is to Keep Moving” Published on September 7th, 2019 by Devi Lockwood described a very good friendship she had with a much older woman named Cora Brookes. Devi and Cora had an … Continue reading

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What is Vape Exactly? Re: “We Still Don’t Know How Safe Vaping Is” published Sept. 5, 2019 New York Times’ Editorial Board’s recent post on vaping argues against the use of e-cigarettes due to how little we know of them. … Continue reading

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The Death PenaltyIn Lincoln Caplan’s writing The Random Horror of the Death Penalty he discredits the Supreme Court and claims that it has failed to ban the death penalty “as it should.” Throughout his article he focuses on Conneticut’s judicial system and … Continue reading

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Keep contact in Football In Gregg Easterbrook’s article “Football Is Here to Stay” Gregg tells us that the concussion rate in all levels of football are slowly decreasing and this is true as he backs this up with many facts. … Continue reading

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Abortion In Mary Ziegler’s July 11, 2019 article about “The End of the Rape and Incest Exception” the topic of why rape and incest cases are no longer “justifiable” or are no longer included as “exceptions” to abortions are discussed. … Continue reading

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To the editor: Re: “Who’s Missing From Breast Cancer Trials? Men, Says the F.D.A.” Published September 9, 2019. I was fourteen years old when the term ‘Breast Cancer’ was first introduced to me and my family. My aunt was forty-three … Continue reading

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To the Editor: Re “The New York Yankees are a Moral Abomination” (July 14, 2018) The Yankees Are Simply Good At Baseball In the article “The New York Yankees are a Moral Abomination”(July 14, 2018), the article makes the claim that the … Continue reading

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