Summary – Christopharo

The VP Oil Spill

The trend of inhaling vaporized ingredients has captured many peoples interest, especially that of the younger generations. This Recent vaping product movement has put countless teens and young adults at serious risk with vaping related illnesses. Patients who are considered otherwise mostly healthy are flocking into ERs with severe symptoms. Health care professionals consulting on such matters have been left puzzled.

This rise of vaping products has introduced an entirely new way in how people consume and obtain nicotine and marijuana. Vaping essentially works by heating a liquid and turning it into vapor to be inhaled. The liquid nicotine or marijuana is mixed with solvents, or oils that dissolve and deliver the substance. Health investigators believe that some of these oil droplets may be left over as the liquid cools back down and inhaling those drops may be the cause of vape related illnesses. These outbreaks have caused turmoil for both the e-cigarette and legal cannabis industries since their technology promotes a safer alternative to smoking. Cigarettes, while lethal in the long term, do not cause serious lung disease in such a short amount of time.

The market for vaping products and the liquids they use is enormous and occupied by imitators and hobbyist. This makes it difficult for regulators and scientists to focus and study on a specific product. In conclusion, the eventual effect from long term vaping is simply not yet known but with any luck science can catch up before time does.  

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Your thoughtful and balanced summary of the available evidence trips and fall at the finish line where it should (if it hasn’t already) break the tape with a clear statement of its Purpose. Why else do we write Purposeful Summaries?


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