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What Will The Supreme Court Say 
About New York’s Gun Control Laws?

The time to debate gun control is gone; now is the time to act. When the Supreme Court gets back to business, its first duty should be to reinforce New York’s already onerous licensing restrictions (sixth-toughest in the country!) that have earned the state an enviable ranking of 48th out of 50 for the lowest rates of deaths by gun. We owe it to our 9 million residents and 65 million annual tourists to keep the streets safe from gun violence. The present restrictions on guns in the city makes tourists and citizens feel safer and that there is less of a chance of a tragedy to happen. 

The Supreme Court took on a New York City based case that limits residents second amendment rights.  Once the court showed interest, NY officials wanted to back down from their own challenge but the court persisted to deal with the issue. Talking about these laws in front of the Supreme Court could lead to the slow transformation of the second amendment itself. The matter will be addressed verbally by the court on December 2nd. In the meantime, the defense needs to stack up on information about reasons to keep the current gun laws in place.  In late July, gunfire erupted at a block party in Brooklyn and is thought to be linked to gang violence. The borough president Eric Adams says the episode should be considered a mass shooting. He also suggests that handguns are what need to be looked at in order to crack down on future violence. It is known that after high profile incidents the support from the public is greater so now is the time to act.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Brilliant work that shows tremendous openness to collaboration and revision, Ajuuy.


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