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Op-Ed Draft—Tenere84

How Do We Reduce Gun Violence in America’s Schools? Not With More Guns In the wake of recent mass shootings, Florida became one of the many states that are allowing their teachers to carry firearms in school. In 2018, the … Continue reading

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Op-ed Draft– Athenapup4

El Paso, Texas, 22 people killed in a Walmart, August 3, 2019. Las Vegas, Nevada, 58 people killed in Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort, October 1, 2017. Orlando, Florida, 49 people killed in a gay nightclub called Pulse, June 12, … Continue reading

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Op-ed Draft – Aaron Borchert

President’s Rights For the United States of America, having an intelligent, powerful, respected, devoted, and most importantly a strong vision for the nation’s future. But who the nation chooses to be president is what is important. Only one president of … Continue reading

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Op-Ed Draft – imagination

The misuse of and addiction to opioids is a serious national crisis that affects public health and has claimed the lives of many Americans each year and now municipal governments nationwide are suing the pharmaceutical industry for the destructive opioid … Continue reading

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Op-Ed Draft—CynicalWordsmith

Supporting the Wrong Right The second amendment may be a right to all Americans–however, this right is only infringing on the right of fellow citizens to feel safe by using a broken system to allow people to purchase weapons of … Continue reading

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Op-Ed Draft – ajuuy7

Needs a Title Shaming parents who deviate from a 24-hour-surveillance approach to parenting is creating a generation of unfulfilled, fully-dependent, helpless, anxious kids who will never leave home and have lives of their own. Today’s culture is calling mothers ‘careless … Continue reading

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Op-Ed Draft – Hershey

Their is no harsher punishment then death itself. The hold has been far to long for the abolishment of the death penalty. The use of these expensive measures in order to take away an individuals life due to criminal acts … Continue reading

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