LTE for Portfolio

Your second writing assignment is the rewrite of your first: a Letter to the Editor (LTE) Rewrite that responds to feedback from your instructor, your classmates, your trusted advisers, or the free student tutors at the Writing Center.

To complete the assignment, you’ll publish a New Post, and save it to two categories: LTE for Portfolio and your Username.

What Happens Next
Starting with students who specifically request it, I’ll provide additional feedback on your LTE for Portfolio, general and structural advice at first, then eventually very specific and detailed. Usually, we’ll save grammar, spelling, and sentence structure corrections to the end, once we’re fairly certain your letter is stable.

Additional Feedback and Revision
Even after your first round of feedback, you can continue to improve your work until you move the letter into your Portfolio at the end of the semester.

Until your argument achieves a letter grade of C, you’ll be told it’s Not Ready for Portfolio. Once it’s good enough to earn a C, it will be deemed Portfolio Ready, but that will not satisfy most of you. You can ask for feedback as often as you like.


  • Post in the new LTE for Portfolio category, and your username
  • This assignment and the other contents of your Portfolio together will constitute 70% of your final grade.
  • DEADLINE: 11:59PM WED SEP 25

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