Op-Ed for Portfolio – Jackso23

Trump Will Eventually Kill Us All

What happens when a reality tv star becomes the leader of an entire country? What if this country is as powerful as the United States? This is exactly the issue we currently face as a nation. In the United States we currently have a hypocritical bigot sitting in one of the most decorated seats there is. Right in the Oval Office sits a powerful man that probably has no idea of how much power he actually has. Donald J. Trump, president of the United States and a businessman who started from scratch besides the “small” loan his father gave him (CNN), has led us in the wrong direction as a nation since he announced his run for office. The whole basis of his campaign run, the slogan “Make America Great Again”, has divided our nation in more ways than imaginable. No matter the case, the underlying fact is still apparent and felt by the majority of people in the United States: Trump will eventually lead us to our demise. 

Let’s start with the largest damage that has been done to our country at the hands of this man. Since the 1960s, race relations have made a great deal of progress. More and more we see people of opposing races working not only together but peacefully and without issue as well primarily. Yet, when Trump took office it seemed as if all of this peace that we had between the races vanished. Many white people stood up and proclaimed their newfound motivation for being a racist bigot, many blacks were unsure of what would happen next due to these outbursts, and the latino community suffered a great deal, possibly more than anyone during Trump’s tenure. The United States had seemingly reversed back to 1970 in regards to race relations. Latinos feared (and continue to live in fear) for their lives as the emphasis on immigration and the words spoken by Trump to describe latinos, more specifically Mexicans, have had a huge impact on every person of latino descent at some point during the last 3-4 years Trump has been in office. 

The other main issue of the Trump Administration has come from outside of this country as well. No, not Russia, but North Korea. The standoff regarding North Korea’s treatment of their people and the nuclear weapons they have has reached its peak there seems to be no end in sight. Trump himself has presented himself as a great friend of Kim Jung Un (leader of North Korea), and even that action in itself has many of the people of the United States scratching their head. Why is he trying to befriend a man who at any second can send nuclear bombs to our nation if he wanted to? If anything, he should take on a more opposite role in an attempt to quicken negotiations and put an end to the madness if possible. 

Both of these two major issues lead back to one common denominator: Trump is not fit to run this country. I mean this from a civilian standpoint that has observed his actions and it’s consequences since he announced his run for office. The effect that Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, has had on this nation has been majority negative than positive. His words have the most meaningful impact as phrases such as, grab her right in the pussy, Mexicans are rapists and animals, and black people have nothing to live for have caused much more turmoil within our nation than any good he has done. The effect that Trump has had on the people of this nation as a whole with his words is intolerable, does not meet the expectations that one of the world’s top countries, and simply if we do not eventually put an end to it our country as we know it will be broken beyond reconstruction.

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