Writing Plan – Bane1900

Thesis Statement: Many Americans dislike Donald Trump – seeing the nation’s leader get harassed by unruly baseball fans was a great way to start off the week.

Background and Evidence

Monday October 27th, the President of The United States arrived at Game 5 of the World series. During the game, President Trump was met with echoing boos and remarks from the crowd. During this he just smiled and waved as appropriately as he could have in that situation. He was also met with clever chants of “Lock him up!” relating back to President Trumps earlier remarks towards Hilary Clinton of “Lock her up”.

Many announcers and broadcasters at the game were shocked to hear the American crowd booing and chanting nasty remarks towards their leader. Also, many sports analysts were very shocked to hear the news about the remarks.

Baseball is Americas pastime so it’s a huge slap in the face to be booed at a game, especially being the President.

Sources I Have Found


Sources I Havent Found

I’d like to find transcripts from Donald Trumps reaction to these events either on his Twitter or other social media platforms telling his side of the story.

Counter Arguments I need to Refute

Critics will say that the American population should cheer and create positive remarks about the nations leader regardless of how they feel about him, as he is the person that represents our country to the world.

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1 Response to Writing Plan – Bane1900

  1. davidbdale says:

    Bane, you’ll have no trouble finding Mr Trump’s tweets about the booing. He’s a relentless tweeter whose every tweet gets re-tweeted thousands of times.

    You’ll have to do more than repeat the claims already made by Jennifer Weiner in her original article, Bane. The editors will need new material, a new angle, some historical context, an observation that the President’s reaction is a window into his character . . . something to justify spending additional column-inches on this story that’s as OVER as the World Series.

    You can use the topic, but this one source will not be enough to sustain a fresh argument.


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