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To the Editor:

Re “To Promote Inclusivity, Stay Away from Personality Assessments,” by Quinisha Jackson-Wright (Smarter Living, Aug. 26):

 Quinisha Jackson-Wright describes in her article “Questioning Personality Assessments,” how the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment gave her a negative experience after the company she recently got a job for required her to take it. She says that the test threw shame among her coworkers and would let her feel like an outcast. After the indicator told Ms. Wright was a I.N.T.J. (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgement) she was told to share along with all her colleagues what her results were which was very wrong for a company to do. Quickly she learned that she was the only introvert in a company that was all extrovert, knowing this made her feel like an outcast who did not belong. 

Taking the test should’ve given her no harm, as it can help many people learn something that they never knew about them selves before, and possibly help them in a career they are new to. Being required to take the test does not seem like something that should be required by a company, however I understand why some companies would want the employees to take the test. The only thing that I do not agree with is that people should not be required to share their results as in Ms. Wright’s case people can make an unfair bias against you or you could feel like an outlier. 

The overall article I do not agree with completely. I think that blaming the Myers-Briggs test was not the right thing because it helps so many people and has no harm in it. If someone does not like or support the team that they are put into, then they should not stick around with that team and wait for something better to happen. When knowing in this world especially, waiting for that perfect promotion is not really a golden reality. 


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